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Have you ever had a negative experience in relation to your ‘learning’ that has damaged your confidence? Huh? Negative experience? In other words, has anyone ever said to you, ‘you’re wrong’, ‘you’re dumb’, ‘you’re stupid’, ‘you’ll never amount to anything’, ‘you’re never going to achieve anything’, ‘you’re hopeless’, ‘you’re’ (you get the picture).

So, with that in mind, ask yourself: have you ever had a negative experience in relation to your ‘learning’ that has damaged your confidence? Has a higher authority (such as a teacher, older sibling, someone at school, parent or relative) ever told you that you were pathetic, useless or stupid? If so, did you automatically believe it to be the truth? It must be the truth because it came from a higher (and often respected or feared) authority didn’t it? Obviously, just because a higher authority says it doesn’t make it true. But the impact of these attacks is often subconscious and can lurk deep in the mind – rather than be something the individual is acutely aware of.

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What Do You Say?

Research shows there is a very strong link between students with high self-esteem and high achievement level. As expected, the opposite is also true, low self-esteem tends to result in a low achievement level. So then, self-esteem is obviously important! As such, let’s ask ourselves the following questions: What kind of communications about your learning were you subjected to when you were young? Positive or negative? What kind of communications about your learning are you subjected to now? Positive or negative? Most importantly of all, what kind of communications do you subject yourself to? Positive or negative? What does the little voice in your head say? Does the voice support you, build you up, give you confidence, tell you you’re one smart cookie? Or does the voice bring you down, tell you to stay in bed today, tell you you’re worthless, and make negative thoughts swirl around inside your head? What can you take away from asking yourself these questions? Did you learn anything just by asking yourself these questions?

Solution Time!

The point of this article is to build you up and help you realize you are awesome. We want you to become the best you that you can possibly be. So let’s look at some things you can do every day that will make your confidence soar.

1. Let’s get positive, positive, I want to get positive, let’s get into positive (think theme song from ‘Let’s Get Physical’). Just be positive – about every single thing! Especially yourself. Talk yourself up. What’s the point in being negative anyway – what does it solve? Does it make anything better? Or does it make it much worse? Try being positive about every single thing for one whole week. That’s right – a week. You can do it. Try it. See what happens. Then do two weeks, three weeks and more. What do you think will happen? There is no doubt that if you do this and stick to it, your attitude will change dramatically. Make it happen.

2. Think of all the things you are good at and all the success you have created. If you’re not sure ask your parents or your friends. Write these things down and keep adding to the list as you think of anything. Read the list every morning when you wake up and any time you need a confidence boost. Just write things that make you feel good and you know are true. You will find there are many more amazing things about you than you realized. If you think there isn’t you’re just being negative again! Focus on the good.

3. Attack what you perceive to be your weaknesses. Get hard-core on those weaknesses. Go full on crazy house. Hit them with a left. Hit them with a right. Just prove to yourself every day that “you can do it.” (Remember that every Adam Sandler movie tells us that ‘we can do it’ – thank you Rob Schneider) Never allow others OR your own thoughts to stop you from doing anything ever!

4. Help others. That’s right others. No, not yourself. Others! You will really feel good about yourself when you do, but that’s not really the point. The point is that if you want to create a great sense of worth in your life, see what a difference you can make to other people’s lives. Lend a hand. Help your mother with the dishes. Help your little sibling with their homework. Do one thing for someone else every day. See what happens. Also, only associate with people who like, respect, and support you for who you are. Try to avoid people who are always looking to find fault with you. Why would you want to spend time with negative people – they’ll only drag you down and they aren’t worth your time.

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