Self Empowerment #4: Weight Loss EFT Secrets Revealed! EFT Video Coaching Club! The ‘Self Empowerment’ show, a brand new web TV show for 2009 presented David Childerley with expert Guests from the world of well being. Learn step-by-step how to empower yourself with simple, easy to use tips and strategies that you can use instantly. Learn to apply the EFT emotional freedom technique and the law of attraction to create the health, wealth & happiness you truly deserve. Why not take it one step further and join David for more …

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Video

  2. Hey there David. Thanks for the video.
    I have a question. I noticed that you skip the setup phase! So, no tapping on the karate chop point!

    Is this step not necessary?

  3. hi.i was wondering in the morning it sais you should eat or you will put weight on but your sayin if your not hungry then dont eat ..what should i do
    thank you

  4. ENAIRAMA1 says:

    Thank you David, I really need to loose the weight that I accumulated due to resentment and frustration. I just sabotage myself all the time and as you said i numb myself with food. Horrible, simple awful. I am sick of being sick, I just want to forgive and move on. I will start tonight. hope to post you up on my progress. Blessings and thank you.

  5. kliknijtutaj says:

    very good!

  6. Thank you David…


  7. ocalahomes says:

    Thank You David, for sharing this great Video.

  8. I love your videos, thank you so much especially for this one.

  9. bvlgaridime says:


  10. positivecutie says:

    Another great video David. Congratulations.

  11. davidchilderley says:

    hello, thanks for the kind comment. we are currently redesigning and upgrading features on the site and uploading libraries of new videos so apologies but there might be some down time during the next week or so. Pls try again now as it’s working fine again. cheers, dave

  12. tabithagoethe says:

    David, i love your videos and would like to get you dvd’s but I can’t acess your site is there a problem? Tabitagoethe

  13. psyduck6202 says:

    Thank you!! This was great!

  14. nightcats says:

    Wonderful video, thanks so much.

  15. nanabonniez says:

    Thank you David! You are so spot on..

  16. nicopetromac says:

    thank you David, you are awesome.

  17. starkid77 says:

    That cat and lion picture is so cute and funny, thank you for the video!

  18. rosemaryswf says:

    Thank you david,
    I’m trying to lose weight at the moment, so I really appreciate this 🙂

  19. partyplanpat says:

    Oh you are always on point ha ha ha! I was having a weight pity pot yesterday and today I find this. I love it!

  20. monteshasta says:

    me encanta el estilo de David chederly tan claro y conciso y las ganas de ayudar a su projimo lo proyecta de una manera magica.
    Muchas Gracias.

  21. wolffenhaus says:

    Dave heals the world

  22. solutionsplease says:

    Thank you Thank you….

    Really Appreciative of this !

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