Seeking The Best Plantar Fasciitis Treatment San Francisco Practitioners Provide Is Important

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition during which tenderness and swelling occur on the soles of one’s feet. The area typically affected is referred to as the plantar, and the fascia is a band of tissue that goes from the heel to the toes. Medical scientists have not yet discovered why this area becomes inflamed and tender in some people; however, genetic factors, injury, obesity, and ill fitting footwear are some of the various aspects that may contribute to the disorder’s development. The plantar fasciitis treatment San Francisco residents need should be affordable and thorough.

The disorder can generally be diagnosed without the need for sophisticated testing. Symptoms are typically the same among most patients, and include heel pain upon getting up in the morning or following long periods of immobility. In most instances, when the sufferer gets up and moves around, his or her pain decreases. However, the discomfort generally returns when one gets up after sleeping or sitting for a long time.

Many times, the condition can be exacerbated by bone spurs. The latter are usually found in the area of the heel, where bony protrusions sometimes form. This phenomenon happens when cells grow out at inappropriate angles. Spurs can aggravate the surrounding tissue, and if pressure is not relieved, they can eventually cause fascia inflammation.

Applying ice or soaking one’s feet may help alleviate symptoms on a temporary basis. Elevating the feet and wearing appropriate footwear are also steps one can take to lessen the duration and severity of symptoms. Numerous individuals find over-the-counter painkillers helpful, such as topical creams or ibuprofen.

Orthopedic shoes or devices are sometimes recommended by one’s health care practitioner. Such products can be purchased in drug stores, online, or they can be custom made by an orthopedic specialist. The shoes or appliances one selects will depend on his or her budget, as well as recommendations from a medical professional.

In numerous instances, arch supports, heel cups, or other simple device of this type can substantially alleviate a patient’s symptoms. Some medical professionals suggest that a night splint be used, depending on the person’s individual symptoms. In rare cases, surgery is necessary for plantar fasciitis sufferers. The objective of surgery of this type is to loosen the ligaments in the foot and promote a higher level of flexibility.

Those suffering from the aforementioned disorder are sometimes encouraged to participate in physical therapy. Although such therapy cannot cure the condition, it can often promote greater flexibility, and subsequently lessen the severity of one’s symptoms. In certain instances, extended periods of remission follow a series of physical therapy sessions.

More women than men are afflicted with this disorder, but the reason for this has not yet been discovered. Individuals with Achilles injuries are at a greater risk of developing plantar fasciitis than others. Those with flat feet or arches that have fallen are also at an increased risk for the condition. When pursuing plantar fasciitis treatment San Francisco patients must choose a practitioner who has an appropriate amount of experience with this particular disorder. Those who think they may have this condition should schedule a check up with their family physician.

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