Seeking Medical Help For Childhood Cough

Many of us have undergone some kind of ailment that is common when we were still kids. Some pediatricians counsel parents to not be too anxious about their children’s bouts of sickness, as these also help them develop their immune system. Parents must, nonetheless, continually observe their children’s condition, in order to see if the symptoms of the ailments have not progressed into something that would require medical attention.

Childhood cough is a common illness in children, which is generally accompanied by colds. The common treatment methods for coughs are as follows: Preventing exposure to cigarette smoke and other irritants, taking of decongestant and suppressant medications, and humidifying the air.

Nonetheless, parents have to keep in mind that chronic coughing is one of the symptoms of several illnesses that require medical aid. Below are some ailments or disorders that can accompany chronic coughing.

Allergic Rhinitis

Usually, allergic rhinitis is set off by pollens or dust; hence, this ailment happens seasonally. Coughing, clear runny nose, watery eyes, itching, and sneezing are the most common signs of allergic rhinitis.


This illness is triggered by a virus. Symptoms usually feature coughing and runny nose. Over several days, the coughing gradually grows worse. There is also a subsequent low grade fever and a general feeling of weakness. The kid will show signs of improvement after eight to twelve days. This ailment does not react to antibiotic treatment.

Aspiration Or Ingestion Of Indigestible Items

This is not an illness but immediate medical attention is needed when a kid accidentally ingested or inhaled a small object that then gets stuck in the windpipe, inducing him or her in a choking and coughing fit.

Cystic Fibrosis

This is a inherited illness that affects the entire body and causes advancing disability, with coughing as one of the common symptoms. Unfortunately, kids are the usual victims of cystic fibrosis. The sufferer of cystic fibrosis will have bouts of wheezing, persistent coughs and chronic lung and sinus infections.

Parents must pay close attention whenever their children are having recurrent bouts of coughing. Some signs that coughing is more than just the usual childhood cough is when the coughing gets worse over several days, the child is having difficulty breathing, and the cough does not go away when the standard cough treatments are administered. Parents should then seek medical help for their children.

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