Secrets to Living Your Life Out Loud!

Yesterday was our 10-year anniversary of living in America. It was an extraordinary day!

I had a dream 10 years ago, a BIG dream. This dream would forever alter the lives of my family members–me, my husband, and our 5 children. Can you imagine waking up one morning and your Soul telling you you have to leave the country in which you live? Yes, my soul told me I was going to leave Holland.

To make the move, our whole family-plus Buddha, our dog-had to be aligned with the destiny my soul envisioned for us. Luckily, the kids were ecstatic about this plan, and night after night when I read them bedtime stories, we visualized ourselves living in a little village at the beach in America.

Our next step was to fly to America in search of our destiny. We toured this huge country in a nine-sleeper, and the kids truly believed you could leave your life behind, pack a suitcase, jump on a plane, and embark on a grand adventure. And that’s exactly what happened! When we jumped on a plane with our suitcases, we left our life behind. What’s really remarkable is the house found us.

We flew across the ocean from Holland to America exactly 10 years ago in a burning plane that had a one-in-five chance of landing safely. We chalk up our safe landing to good karma. When we arrived, we had five kids who didn’t speak any English, one suitcase, and a goodbye gift from our Dutch friends, a handmade kit: “How to Survive in America.”

There were many challenges to face upon arrival, some of them quite daunting. We didn’t speak English, we had no jobs and very little money, no contacts or friends, a new empty house, and all of our belongings lost in transit for two months. But we’re still here after 10 years. Better yet, we’ve gone from surviving to thriving!

Yesterday we celebrated that extraordinary choices not only give us extraordinary challenges but extraordinary results, too. Our kids have experienced that anything is possible, and as I watch them grow I see how easily they apply the 5 Secrets to Living Your Life Out Loud: 1. No Dream Is Too Big, 2. The Universe Supports Your Biggest Dreams, 3. Let Your Heart Lead the Way, 4. Roadblocks and Challenges are Opportunities For Growth, and 5. Surrender Activates Miracles.

So here’s what I want you to remember. Even if things seem unattainable, dim,and unlikely, never give up on yourself. You can do it, and I can help. Let me know your dream. I’m here as a Soul Coach to support you as you follow your highest calling. Let me know what your dream is!

Saskia Roell is a Soul Guidance Coach, radio host, bestselling author, and co-author with Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Deepak Chopra. An in-demand speaker, clairvoyant healer and mother of five, she empowers you to move out of your comfort zone, break through your fears, and go after your heart’s desires. Get access to her complimentary “21-Day Roadmap to Your Dreams” program.

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