Secret Law Of Attraction Article: Do You Know About The Power Of Flow

The Law of Attraction is such a powerful law, yet I find that most people aren’t taking full advantage of it. Just like the law of gravity, when you drop something you know it will fall, the same goes for Law of Attraction. What you focus on expands – like attracts like. For example if you’re focusing on how much you want more money and feeling how good it will feel to get it, you are attracting it to happen. However, the same goes for the opposite.

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If you are feeling lack of money and constantly thinking thoughts of how much money you don’t have, guess what, you will continue to attract that. You see the it’s like a genie. Whatever you’re focusing on and asking for, good or bad, your wish is its command. So you have to be as aware as possible as to where your thoughts are at.

The high performance achiever may be relentless at first, but eventually as the burn intensifies, they begin to ask themselves, “Is this all there is?” There is a better way that leads to success that can be achieved and sustained without amputating other important aspects of yourself and your life. Steven Lane Taylor, author of the book Row, Row, Row Your Boat; A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow”, suggests that we can intentionally tap into the flow of life’s benevolent energy. When we do, we begin to move gently toward our goals instead of racing past them like an Olympic runner being chased by a herd of frightened elephants. The high performance achiever is often the one who is most at risk in becoming trapped in the work harder, faster, longer paradigm.

Many of my clients are so happy to discover a greater awareness of their thoughts so that they can attract more of what they want, and less of what they don’t want. It may sound simple to put this into action, and don’t get me wrong, it can be, but it’s very easy to slip back into old ways of thinking that you’re used to.

Have you ever been introduced to somebody and immediately picked up a “bad vibe”, this is because the frequencies and energy you’re both radiating aren’t in alignment, therefore there’s conflicting energy on a subconscious level.Although we are unaware of the influence our subconscious mind has on us, it is directly influencing our conscious mind so when your vibes aren’t in alignment with the other person you’ll immediately get the signal of bad vibes from your conscious mind.You certainly don’t need any psychic abilities or such like in order to pick up on the vibes that others are radiating, everyone is picking up these vibes on a subconscious level whether they are aware of it or not. We are always being influenced and stimulated by these vibes.

This is how the Law of Attraction works, remember everything is energy or “vibes” and has a frequency so the vibes you’re transmitting are drawing the same vibes back to you. Similar to the example above except the energy that the universe is comprised of is responding to the energy you’re radiating.Give off negative vibes and the universe will respond with equal negative vibes, give off positive vibes and the universe will respond with equal positive vibes.Remember these vibes are mostly transmitted and received on a subconscious level, the human mind truly is a remarkable tool with infinite potential once unleashed, where-ever the mind travels the body will surely follow.

The Law of Attraction is operating 24/7, so why not use it to your advantage so that you can attract more of what you want in your life?

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