Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – the simple plan

You will only ever get sciatic nerve pain relief when you remember that you must correct more than one fault once pain occurs. There are unique areas to sciatica that must be fixed along with the common issues that cause all lower back pain conditions.

Any pain that moves away from your spine and travels down your leg partially or fully, is classed as sciatica, but remember it is a group of symptoms not a disease in itself. As soon as the nerve is irritated and pain develops, the classification changes from lower back pain to sciatica.

For some of you pain may be a bit confusing, as pain doesn’t need to travel right down your leg for it to be classed as sciatica. Pain in the buttock, thigh or lower leg are all part of this irritation and the distance it travels, doesn’t indicate the severity either.

Discs are commonly thought of a common cause of sciatic pain, however this is less common than the usual causes of low back pain such as a few muscles and joints being out of balance. The same rules always apply though, if pain is not easing quickly then it is best to seek professional advice and help.

The Piriformis muscle is probably the most common cause of pain though, it needs to be assessed and addressed if you are wanting to get complete sciatic nerve pain relief. The reason why the Piriformis is important is that the sciatic nerve runs either through or directly beneath this muscle. If the muscle tightens the nerve is irritated and pain develops.

It is simple to get long term relief, all you do is remove all the symptoms and all the causes, it’s as simple as that. You can get symptom relief easily by looking at both trigger points in the area that can cause pain, and targeting the Piriformis muscle too. Don’t be fooled into believing that symptom relief is wrong, in fact you will heal the underlying factors quicker if you are pain free first.

But sciatic nerve pain relief will only ever last if you remove the causes, and all of them too. Muscle imbalances need to be addressed as it is both the tight muscles and the weak ones that are important to correct. You also need to rebalance your pelvis which can become twisted and allow muscles to develop imbalances too.

Sciatica is not classed as a true condition, but a group of symptoms, it can still be a debilitating problem and should be addressed early. You need to remember that this is a simple variation of common lower back pain, the only difference is the irritation to the nerve by certain factors.

You need to fix the symptoms and the cause, and follow a simple step by step plan if you want sciatic nerve pain relief that will last. You can remove pain easily and prevent recurrences if you follow this simple formula.

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