School lockers from your planet Y

The pilot’s logbook Xripa: I landed on world Y at noon community time. After leaving the ship I realized that my machine is surrounded by way of a squad of soldiers, dressed in strange, beetroot overalls and built with a clearly directed at me guns. I stopped on the stairs, and the division commander came up to drukarnia me, given the way huge, dark sunglasses.

Prohibition on landing on the globe is generally known inside the cosmos, he said to us. You’ll be shot, unless you’re a grasp of P. I had nothing to lose. I am a grasp P, said. So please us, our lord is waiting around. The escort of troops to accompany me towards the very throne of Double Gdula I.

Master P, the monarch said any cold voice, you’re ready to do everything you promised? Sure, the highest władzo, I replied. You can once again put the slide? I do not desire you misunderstood. What can understand growled Gdula I promised to absorb the notches of my unruly subjects. You promised that they’d be decent, meek and bezproblemowi, yet useful. If you do not match the promise within a full week, you will lose the head.

I told the king that for me personally zarzadzanie is a breeze. I only need a couple of tools and a minor steel. After two days I reported towards the king and asked with an order that each topic reported to my workshop at the designated time by us. Everything went as prepared. Before entering the shop, where I constructed my machine, is placed a lengthy queue.

Subjected individually or families entered the middle. There, they placed the my helpers inside the machine, which processed the edgy individualists to honest, quiet, steel clothing lockers. This, which is full connected with schools and universities. The children formed the cabinet, clothing for children, with adults – apparel lockers for students connected with middle schools, high schools and with regard to students. On the other side in the machine ready to restore some helpers school lockers and arranging them within a large, square wybetonowanym back in the workshop.

Operation coming to a finish when the king Gdula I graced me in reference to his visit. Pleased to look at the long, verbose queue at the entranceway. Greeted the monarch for the threshold and invited interior. I watched the action for the moment, then asked why his subjects only go into the machine, but none of it is out. Then I took the king towards the square on the back in the workshop.

What is it, asked me, surprised, pointing to a biuro tlumaczen combination of standing in a penal institution lockers. It is, sir, your subject, I replied. What kind of themes, Gdula I became irritated, it’s only school lockers. Maybe so, I shouted, running as fast as my legs around my party, but are what the king wanted, quiet, smooth, yet useful. For the rest waited don’t. I turned on the engines and in a hurry I left the world Y.

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