San Diego Workout: Fat-Burning Blast! http Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness and Fit Athletic joins Brett Klika of Fitness Quest 10 for a killer body weight workout. Personal Training with Sean available at Fit Athletic San Diego: Contact [email protected] for more info.

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  1. His program focuses mainly on strength training, however I’m sure Sean isn’t looking to get bulky, but just lean and more importantly, much healthier.

  2. timguyperson says:

    What’s with all the cardio Sean? Need to bulk up with some slow heavy lifts.

  3. uglefisken says:

    heard of google? =)

  4. GiANtTWiNkY says:

    blhe bleh bleh bleh blha blah blah…

  5. fireflourisher808 says:

    yup, it will do that for you

  6. yeah i live in a small town too. i looked into them for myself, i dont think they are covered by provincial heath care but if you have blue cross or the equivalent im sure they’d cover it. superfeet are like 40-50$ and its basically just a generic insert, but they work better than anything i’ve tried without spending $300 on orthotics. good luck 🙂

  7. atraktmillyonz says:

    how do i find out what my metabolic type is?

  8. Um, carbohydrate is a fancy word for “sugar”. If you want to cut carbs, start by cutting back junk food, processed foods (including breads and pastas) or anything that you eat out of a box, or wrapped for that matter. Processed foods have lots of added sugars in them. Stop eating low-fat (they add sugar). As Sean can tell you, fat is not bad for you. Processed foods are. If it suits your metabolic type, cut down on fruits and starchy veggies.

  9. atraktmillyonz says:

    i feel much better when i eat alot of fruit and veggies thru out the day , and only one serving of meat a day

  10. atraktmillyonz says:

    i dont know what it was but i changed my diet for like 4 or 5 days and i feel more woke or alive , i stop eating resturant foods and ate mostly fruit and veggies with almost no meat , havent eating beef in a while , i only eat chiken and fish and only like one serving of that a day , but i didnt make it to the gym today because i been at this computer all day .

  11. atraktmillyonz says:

    could anybody name me all the foods that are carbs so i can cut them out my diet 80% of the time

  12. good call! I live in a small town, so I’ll end up paying more, too. 🙁

  13. potterword says:

    bravo! wear the speedos next time pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez 🙂

  14. ryanr01234 says:

    Yeah, I would def say eat more carbs, when i was on a low carb lifestyle, i had little energy and muscle soreness.. i added sweet potato, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, yams, wholewheat bread and more fruit, these are all complexe carbs (which are slow releasing energy), so you wont have to worry about fat gains.

    This gave me alot more energy. I felt sooo much better and all muscle soreness went away (well, a day or two after my workouts).


  15. mina399 – get orthotics or superfeet 🙂 expensive but worth it.

  16. kolomgorov says:

    Totally did these today, sheesh, you make this look easy dude. I was practically falling over and knocking things over on the last one. Felt great afterwards though!

  17. copperfront says:

    Consume protein. Consume a few sugars after workouts, consume complex carbs (Oats) before bed and in the morning, consume simple carbs (some fruits + veggies) throughout the day.


  18. yeah, i got advice. Stop being a little baby and workout even when you’re sore. You think everyone that is fit ONLY works out when they are feeling 100%? NO!

  19. hmm. I’m glad I’m not in that judo class anymore. So, pilates: upper half one day, bottom half the next. Brilliant.

  20. Shyssirixus says:

    alternate your workout. Like, run one day (works the legs, torso), and the next day to push ups and sit ups.
    You can do whatever exercises you like, just follow that principle.

  21. I’m 5’2″ (on the nose!) and weigh 104lbs and eat healthy and organic whenever I can and enjoy the low carb lifestyle…

    yet I’m the most out of shape person I know! No matter how much I stretch, I always have sore muscles for about a week after a workout. Do you have any advice for that? I want to work out more regularly.

  22. wait, whoa- I have knee and hip problems due to my feet – do you have any advice or exorcises for us flat-footers?

  23. UndergroundWellness says:


  24. UndergroundWellness says:

    It’s a gift. I’ve always been pretty springy!

  25. Avatar282 says:

    wow dude when you jump, you bounce like a kangaroo or something o,0 how do you do that? xD

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