Safeguarding Your Business From Afar Using A Spy Camera

I own two outlets of convenience stores. There was previously only one however luckily I had been blessed to earn enough to open up another shop. Since I couldn’t take care of both simultaneously, I remained at the new outlet and hired a store administrator for the initial one.

Despite the fact that I am typically extremely trusting, I noticed that several goods within the first outlet were missing when I did the inventory check and knew that something was completely wrong. Mainly because I wasn’t able to keep an eye on that shop myself, I did the next smartest thing: I set up an exit sign hidden camera.

I presently had a surveillance camera positioned close to the cashier however the backdoor was practically unmonitored thus I selected a security camera camouflaged as an exit signage. In the event that my store manager was liable for the missing things, then I wanted to find out about it.

The spy camera which I selected has some interesting features. It features a built-in DVR which will conveniently record videos when it switches on.

It offers motion detection, meaning that it powers up only once it detects movement and it is not always running. I found this function extremely convenient simply because I didn’t have to be stuck with lengths of videos showing nothing but the shelves at the back.

My own DVR exit sign color hidden camera further includes motion detection area masking. This allowed me to “hide” from its view areas which could trigger the camera into recording as a result of constant however insignificant movement. This means I am sure that only essential scenes are documented.

When I felt that the covert camera had recorded substantial video, I connected it to my laptop to watch the recorded videos. I saw with my very own eyes just how my store manager would sneak different products out through the rear door, believing no person could see him.

I had since hired a new, much more honest manager. The exit sign hidden camera that I decided to set up definitely helped save my business.

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