Running, Marathon Training, And Good Health

No one has any problem coming up with countless reasons not to run. Let’s face it, there are only a select few people out there who would rather run than rest and relax. However, running and marathon training are both very beneficial to your health so here are some healthy reasons to run.

First off, running is very easy. Considering the alternative hobbies such as golf or cycling, running doesn’t take any real practice, at least once you’re past the age of two or three. There are simply no new skills to master and no expensive equipment or cycles to buy. Aside from a good pair of running shoes your born with all the equipment you need.

Second, it’s hard to argue that running burns calories but few know that it burns more calories per hour than most other popular exercise methods. At a casual jog, you will burn around 100 calories per mile and at a faster pace you can burn up to 175 calories per mile.

The stress lowering ability of running is amazing. Running releases natural endorphins and chemicals that elevate your mood and lower stress levels. You will also sleep much better which has a huge impact on your stress.

Another two great benefits of running and marathon training are a strong healthy heart and lower blood pressure levels. Your heart is a pump. The more blood it can move with less effort, the longer that pump will last, and running can contribute to that.

Running on trails and on unpaved roads has the benefit of improving coordination and balance. Because you are forced to adapt to various terrains you will naturally gain more control over small movements and shifts in weight.

Beginners often move from casual running to marathon training because of the added motivation that these events create. So, friendship and community make the next part of my list. Check you local running community for information on running clubs in your area.

Running and marathon training has substantial health benefits. To realize them, you need only get out and find a great reason to run!

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