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  1. Dear Sweet Ruby!
    You are amazing and have captivated a Nation! Keep fighting, there gazillions of us behind you. XO

  2. mariposasoleil says:

    She is really beautiful and amazing….I LOve U RUBY!!!!!

  3. wynterynites says:

    Ruby you are my hero!

  4. wynterynites says:

    Ruby You are my Hero!

  5. wynterynites says:

    Ruby Your my Hero!

  6. sweetwoman09 says:

    i love rubys show it makes me so happy for her shes a real wish come true everybody should look at her like a leader lets do that to if she can everybody can obesity its hard to live with but harder is when you dont do anything about it thats when its wrong please together lets stop obesity i lost alot of weight too i have pics before and after and happy of what i accomplish be a great sample for everybody and include yourself keep it up ruby we love you

  7. MyHeartOfSins says:

    she’s so pretty.

  8. I love her personality. I want to see her accomplish her goal. I would be sooooooooo happy for her.

  9. traverslee says:

    Truly an insperation. Ruby looks great!

  10. I love Ruby so much! How can u not?

  11. HollisterBabee239 says:

    I love ruby:):) she’s such a sweet, genuine and just down-to-earth person! Such an inspiration u r ruby:) (L)

  12. feuerrrvogel says:

    well….no….but losing weight is a struggle for your body, so she is allowed to maybe look a little bit tired.

  13. davidberry1972 says:

    Ruby looked better when she was heavier!!!

  14. sagaciousette says:

    there are thousands of women who would love to have the opportunity that Ruby does by having help/tv show. There are thousands of women who are successful on their own. What’s brave about it???? She’d be a fool to pass it up.

  15. Sunnmyeyes says:

    I LOOOOVE RUBY!!! She’s so inspirational!

  16. abidingspirit says:

    You are just so beautiful inside and out. I see Jesus Christ in you.

  17. blackfansitesdotorg says:

    Very few men are that brave, too. It’s not just women. There are just as many overweight men out there as there are women, except nobody makes a big deal about it like they do with women.

  18. penob5354 says:

    Ruby- What an awesome beautiful woman you are! You are an inspiriation to those of us who are battling. Keep up the great work! If you have someone used in the prophetic gifts of Almighty God they will be able to give you the answer to why some folks tell you to “quit’ now.Looks like the Lord has an incredable journey planned for you! Enjoy!

  19. Leonnidik says:

    Ruby, have you tried the Havana Diet? Castro gives you a ration card. 1lb. Rice a month 1lb. Beans a month, Dozen eggs.

  20. moviedude22 says:

    Best of luck to you, Ruby

  21. *Very* few women are brave enough to announce their weight on TV and then allow the world to watch as they work to get healthier. Go, Ruby! I’m cheering you on!

  22. clearwater04 says:

    who cares?

  23. her face looks so skinny but then its like kurblonk below

  24. widowhams says:


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