Review Your Lotions Before You Purchase

When trying out various tanning lotions you may find that many of your tanning lotions are scented. You should smell the lotion before you buy it as you will be enclosed in the bed and the scent be fairly strong so should smell pleasant to you. Some have ingredients that are designed to make your skin softer, while still giving it protection against the rays of the tanning bed. The time it takes to tan your skin can vary from person to person depending on the skin type. It takes just a small amount of time to get the type of tan that used to require lying out in the sun for several hours of the day.

There have been studies conducted that claim that by using the tanning lotions properly and consistently, you can improve the effectiveness of indoor tanning. This statement rings true as most tanning lotions contain nutrients which are meant to to be kind to your skin and even moisturize it. The two categories that the lotions are produced for are firstly for tan enhancement, and secondly for skin care. A good tanning lotion will moisturize your skin while it protects and deepens your tan.

While there are many indoor tanning lotions that you may choose from there are also some that come in sprays and gels. Here the basic difference is just a personal preference for how you prefer to apply your lotion. The primary reason for using a good tanning lotion is to help provide and then maintain a healthy skin. This is one of the most basic needs for obtaining a good successful tan. When you have skin that is smooth and supple, thanks to the use of a moisturizer, then it will retain the tan for a much longer period of time.

Indoor tanning lotions actually work very effectively when properly used. It is impportant to include exfoliating into your tanning routine as a smooth skin will absorb the lotion easier and will be more effective in turning you dark. Finding the right lotion for your skin type is the first priority for a good tan. Ask your tanning salon for a sample to try on a small patch of skin. This will be a good indication of the reaction that your skin will have when it is applied all over. A small amount rubbed into the elbow area is a good idea and will give you a good idea of one that feels right on your skin.

Once you find a suitable lotion then all you need is to learn proper application, and you are on your way to a gorgeous tan that will not only last but also impress your friends. Don’t forget that after you have tanned it is important to use a moisturizer to keep your skin supple and smooth.

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