Review of the Montage Pro Massage Chair Recliner

I just had a chance to try the Omega Montage Pro massage chair and was duly impressed. This massage chair is certainly the most thorough and comprehensive of the high-end massage chairs. It provides full body massage from your head to your toes. There is an array of advanced technologies tied together with sophisticated programming to give you an outstanding massage experience every time.

The quality of this massage chair jumps out at you upon first glance. The detailed design from the stitching to the trim and the ultra soft upholstery give it a world-class appeal. The detail of the upholstery is reminiscent of a high end sports car interior.

The new Omega recliner sports a touch screen LCD remote. This is the first LCD touch screen used on a massage chair. This makes it simple and easy to use by pushing the icon on the screen.

One unique feature is the lit finger tip controls built into the armrests. These fingertip controls are absolutely essential once you start to recline the chair back. This recliner is a zero gravity recliner that reclines you very far back and the fingertip controls enable you to make adjustments without getting up.

This recliner is fully automated. It has a leg rest extension that is motorized. The leg rest will extend out a total of 8 inches. The leg rest extends 4 inches out and then the foot and calf portion can separate out another 4 inches. This enables you to better position the leg rest for targeted relief.

The automatic massage programs contain techniques such as shiatsu, Thai and Chinese massage therapies. There are a total of five different automatic programs. Each of these programs range from subtle and superficial to deeper penetrating and invigorating to provide you with a wide range of sensations.

Targeting a specific area is easy with this recliner. You can select from four manual massage techniques including kneading, tapping, pressing and shiatsu. Simply select the region of your back, neck or shoulders to target and relief is on its way.

The air massage system is very comprehensive and contains 30 specially designed airbags. The airbags cover your hands, arms, shoulders, obliques, head, neck, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. There are four different levels of air intensity to suit your needs. The air system is very thorough and provides relief for the major areas of the body.

The Montage Pro comes with Omega’s foot flex technology. This is the most sophisticated foot flex available in any of their recliners. It uses specially designed airbags with magnetic nodes to stimulate the reflexology points on the feet. There is also a foot roller to relieve tension and tightness on the soles of the feet. A built-in heater also enhances the full experience by loosening up the tension in your feet.

Another important feature is the extendable leg rest. This leg rest will extend via motor control eight extra inches. The leg rest itself can be extended 4 inches and then the portion between the calf and the foot can be extended an additional 4 inches. The leg rest is motor controlled so the extension can be made automatically.

This massage chair has a lot of therapeutic features which provide you with a comprehensive massage. The air massage system is very well programmed and provides many different movements to stretch and relieve tight muscles. In addition, you can activate the heaters located in the back, seat and foot rest independently to target heat where you like.

I was duly impressed with the Omega Montage Pro massage chair. Each of its therapeutic features adds tremendous value to the overall massage experience. This is not a linear relation but an exponential relationship. As you activate each additional therapeutic feature your total massage experience increases dramatically. The Omega Montage Pro massage chair simply provides you with the most comprehensive and thorough massage available.

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