Resistance Training To Boost Your Fat Burning

Resistance training can burn fats and calories effectively. It is also effective in melting inches and building muscles. To ensure its effectiveness, do it 20 minutes every day and 3 times a week.

More calories are burnt and muscles mass is increased by resistance training simply due to increase in our metabolic process. It works in a way that any pound of muscle you add will burn an extra 50 calories per day. The net result of all new muscles is quite astounding after a week. The amount oxygen you use is also enhanced due to Resistance training. More fats are burned and the rate of weight loss is enhanced because of more oxygen.

People are more likely to go for cardio exercises rather than resistance exercises. Doing both of them together would be even better. Many people take it to be wastage of time initially. This may be because the initial results they got were muscle build-up while the body adapts to the new technique. Your hips, waist and thighs will be effected initially and your clothes will also fit you well. The real results you want from this program will not show immediately, so don’t judge your success that early.

Resistance training can be more efficient with the help of a professional. Not only will he give you a good start but would also ensure that you go the distance. Your muscles would be allowed to rest and repair with one days rest after every day.

This training starts with warm up and ends with stretching. Flexibility and strength will be new added features of your body after this. Use slow, rhythmic movements for best results. It will also make it less of work and enjoyable. Visualising the muscle you are exercising and increasing the weight with time surely helps. If done properly, fat will be burnt faster and metabolism will be increased with resistance training. It’s not about the time you put in, but about what you do in that time.

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