Resistance Bands

Good old exercise! This is an aspect of many people’s lives, whether they truly prefer it to be or not. There is one simple reason for this. IMAGE! Ah ha, you thought I was going to say health, didn’t you. No sir; I believe that most people force themselves to exercise solely for vanity reasons. They want to look smashing. Being in better health is just a fringe benefit. Wow, humans need to get their priorities straight. Anyway, there’s a trick to exercise and fitness. You don’t have to dread your routine trips to the gym. You don’t have to despise your workout equipment with every cell in your body. You simply need to make your workout program fun. This means finding something you enjoy doing. Maybe you would even do it if you didn’t have to exercise at all. My workout is like this. All I typically make use of is a weight bench, punching bag, free weights and exercise resistance bands.

There are plenty of routes to choose now days. Working out is not restricted to running on a track and using an out of date recumbent bike. Say hello to options and machines galore. Surely there are a few that tickle your fancy and get your heart racing. If you’ve never heard of them, I love to work out with exercise resistance bands. These are very simple fitness tools. I’ll even bet you’ve seen them on television before. When I first mentioned I was getting some to my teenage daughter, she said “You mean those rubber bands than fitness women use on those exercise shows?” Uh yeah, I guess that pretty much sums it up. However, exercise resistance bands are not made exclusively for women. They’re for anyone who wishes to give them a shot or add them to their fitness regimen. Contemporary exercise resistance bands come with varying pounds of resistance. While a woman may prefer 5 or 10 pounds, a man may prefer 20. You can perform numerous exercises with these innovative exercise resistance bands. Workout any part of you lower and upper body.

Okay, why would someone prefer exercise resistance bands over weights, ect? Well, that’s pretty simple. With light-weight, compact exercise resistance bands, you can carry them anywhere anytime with virtually no effort. Take them on a business trip or to the office for a quick lunchtime workout. You’ll love how simple they make your daily exercise routines.

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