Removing Skin Tag On The Face

Skin tags are types of growths that normally do not lead to cancer. These kinds of growth lead to face disfigurement and they are mostly removed by specialists in the medical community. Since they usually cause irritation as well as tear and bleed, they are often advised to be removed.

Among the names used to call skin tags are cutanous papilloma and acrochordon. Skin tags’ appearance actually resembles that of a wart that is on a stem. The color of skin tags is usually light brown although they also get the color of the surrounding skin. They usually have a circular shape and in some cases they have an unusual shape.

The part the usually develops growths is the eyelids since the eyelids are always in contact with the skin around it. If you intend to remove thee skin tag that formed near your eyelid, you should contact an ophthalmologist to do the procedure. If you intend to remove the one located in the other areas of your face, a dermatologist or a general practitioner physician can get the job done.

Take note that these cutaneous papillomas can be a hereditary condition. You will likely be having one if any of your family member also have it. Middle age people also have a high chance of getting them. Most of the time, skin tags develop on women and they usually occur on those who have weight issues or have diabetes.

There are several ways used by doctors in removing fibroma papillomas. Using liquid nitrogen is one of the things doctors use to do it. The approach is commonly called as cryotherapy. The liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the cutaneous papilloma. An instrument is placed in the liquid for about 15 seconds and put on the growth for around 10 seconds. The patient could experience some stinging or burning in the middle of the procedure. A local anesthesia can be used in this situation. You will notice that the growth will eventually fall off within 7 to 10 days.

If you choose not to undergo a procedure with a doctor, you may opt to buy kits that are capable of freezing the skin tags. Home kits come with chemical compounds that are used to effectively remove skin tags. Some manufacturers will claim that the kits they offer are safe especially when used around the eyes. However, some people will not recommend this doing it. As a consumer, you have to carefully read the instructions and make sure that you are using the right set of chemicals.

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