Remove Genital Warts: Sure Fire Ways to Say Goodbye to Them

Have you had your battles with getting rid of warts? Don’t worry. Most seem to have them at least once in their lives. Warts are actually skin infections caused by a virus called human papilloma virus or HPV. If you do have warts, your best bet is to focus on the best way to remove warts. Thankfully, there are already numerous treatments available to get rid of warts, ranging from very cheap ones such as medications that you can find in drugstores to high-class solutions like warts laser removal.

How to Remove Genital Warts with Imiquimod(Aldara)- Imiquimod(aka Aldara) is a strong drug for the removal of genital warts that you will never be able to obtain unless you have prescription from a doctor. The special chemical is known to stimulate your immune system so it can have better chances of fighting off the presence of lesions and viruses that can trigger the growth of warts. However, it is still yet unknown how it activates the immune system. Imiquimod will only work for a short time. In fact, it has a recurrence rate of between 13 and 19 percent. Worse, you may experience some adverse reactions: itchiness on the affected area, burning sensation, induration, and even bleeding.

The Use of Cantharidin- Another way to remove warts is to employ cantharidin. This is a special drug that is usually “painted” into the wart. A bandage is then utilized to cover it. Soon, the skin found underneath the wart will start to blister, allowing the infection to fall off your skin. The procedure to remove plantar warts using cantharidin is generally painless, except for some burning sensations that you may feel because of your skin blisters.

Other side effects include tingling even after a few hours of its application. Your skin may also become tender to touch for the span of 2 to 6 days. You should be careful not to ever take it accidentally. This chemical can prove to be fatal when taken orally. Cantharidin is also not well researched yet and should not be used on genital warts.

Natural Methods to Remove Warts- Do you know that you can actually remove genital warts or remove plantar warts without having to go through the pain and reoccurrence of warts? You can even guarantee yourself 100 percent success rate. Also, these are methods are all natural and you can cure your warts right from your home. If you did not have any luck with prescription methods of removing warts, then using natural methods may be the way to go.

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