Remember these 5 Things When Purchasing Your Individual Health Insurance Plan

Millions have lost their health insurance over the last several years due to lost jobs or lost benefits due to corporate cut backs. If your one of us then stuck with a scary situation, not only do you not have insurance you also have to find an Individual Health Insurance plan. I’m not sure which one is the most scariest.

Remember these 5 things and your search will less scary and much simpler

#1 Make sure your doctor or clinic is included in your health insurance plan. Most insurance plans include a network of doctors and clinics that they work with. If your family doctor is not included in their network there’s a really good chance that your have to either pay a higher co-pay(the amount you’d pay prior to your insurance kicks in usually around 20-50 dollars) or a higher coinsurance (the amount of the overall bill that you’ll be sharing paying with the insurance company. If you can’t find a plan that fits your needs and has your doctor you may need to find a new doctor.

#2 How Much Coverage Can I Afford? This is the tough question to answer. It balances on how much you can afford with your monthly budget, how many doctor’s visits you anticipate each month, and if something catastrophic happens how much you could afford to pay out of pocket. If you and your family make frequent trips to the doctors you’ll want to look at plans with lower deductibles and lower co-payments but a higher monthly premium. If you’re your health insurance plan is more to cover if there is a major illness or accident you’ll want to look at plans with a higher deductible with a lower premium. Many plans also will make you pay a certain percentage of your medical bills even after you’ve met your deductible. You’ll want to figure out how much you’re willing to pay if major illness or accident occurs.

#3 Are My Prescriptions Covered? Are you or someone in your family is currently on a prescription? If so you’ll want to ensure that the health insurance plan that you choose covers those cost. If not it could cost you more to purchase those than it would to go with a plan that has a higher monthly premium. So make sure that this on the top of your list of questions to ask when talking to your customer service representative.

#4 Are You Expecting to be Expecting? If so then you’ll want to find out if find a health insurance plan that will cover those expenses as well. Don’t get lazy when checking on this one. Many plans will say that they’ll cover maternity and prenatal expenses, but they don’t state how much coverage is included. Make sure you get enough coverage for your expected needs.

#5 Shop Around! Check out several companies prior to choosing your individual health insurance plan. I recommend using a broker, since they work with several insurance providers and can offer multiple options.

Check out the company that I’ve discovered to give you the bestservice and that works with the top Insurance companies in the Nation to ensure that you get the best prices and plans that meet your Heath Insurance needs I’ fill in your information and they’ll have a representative give you a call. Best regards, Doug Kinsey

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