Reliable Method Of Safeguarding Yourself While At Work

Chad, Jay and also I have been best pals ever since elementary. All of us have the very same interests and also thoughts. Well, almost.

All of us are E.R. nurses working the graveyard shift inside the very same medical center. We’re exposed to the harmful creatures of the night, not only when going to or coming home from work but also while at work. I mean not just the patients, also the folks who accompany them at times, just like the violent boyfriend of this lady they wheeled in a couple weeks ago who OD’d on crack. That is why we all keep personal defense weapons.

When it came to selecting what sort of weapon to bring, that was where we parted ways.

Chad got himself a 2.5 million volt stun gun flashlight over the Internet. He prefers its strong but light ABS plastic body as well as strong light. It’s got a wrist strap as well as safety switch.

He likes it best since it is a high voltage stun gun. After seeing what these kinds can do with millions of volts, Chad says nothing can beat them.

The second he found it on the Net, Jay desired a 16 inch rubber handle steel baton. This is collapsible and also reaches complete length with just the flick of his own wrist. There was a heavy-duty nylon holster thrown in, so he can carry it easily as well as grab it rapidly anytime he needs to.

In my opinion, there was only one choice. Pepper spray. Every evening, guys are brought into the E.R. which got pepper-sprayed in the face by a female they considered was an easy target. From time to time, they are ‘perps’ which got a taste of the stuff while resisting arrest. This is more than sufficient to compel me that nothing takes scumbags down just like a defense spray. I acquired a 2 oz. fogger pepper spray on the Web having a range of ten to twelve feet.

We might argue on which self-defense weapons are the best for protection versus street assaults but all of us agree on one thing. If anyone comes at us out there, they are choosing the wrong bunch of people, and they’re going down.

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