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Reki attained popularity in the early portion of the 20th century, roughly around Nineteen twenty two. Dr Mikao Usui, after a period of investigation established reki as a general spiritual healing therapy. It originated in Japan, but such is its popularity, now it is practised across the world. Don’t however; think about this being some present day phenomenon, as records show reki was practised dating back to 4000 years ago.

Reiki is categorised into two words; Rei meaning unseen or spiritual, and Ki which translates as life force or energy. Using this we are able to deduce that reiki stands out as the universal life force or put simply the healing force of the universe.

The principle concept of reiki will be a delicate hand on treatment where energy is transmitted through the hands. One of the main benefits influences reduction of stress. This in turn allows us to to chill out our bodies, this helps in any healing we need. Reiki is recognized as to be a mixture of doing, knowing, reflecting and understanding. Many of us discover that reiki is easier to practise than attempting to explain its workings in publications.

To practise reiki either on yourself or other people doesn’t necessitate attending any special place or clinics. It might basically be applied anytime, anyplace in which you have the option or occasion to position hands either upon yourself or others. Another misconception is basically that you ought to in some manner even be a member of the church, a priest, vicar or the like in order to become a teacher. That is most assuredly incorrect. Reki is open to be used to everyone regardless of their beliefs.

Reiki is right now becoming recognised increasingly more. The truth is within the last decade or so it is currently being practised in a number of hospitals and health clinics world wide.

It is now listed by NCCAM (National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine), an excellent accolade indeed. In fact many medical people apply it as being an additional healing component alongside traditional medicine.

Reiki, as I’ve mentioned is great for the relieving of stress, but the concept promotes healing on every level. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual all reap the rewards coming from a reiki treatment. It’s been said it gives you a completely different kind of relaxation and restores flagging energies.

Up until the last few years, reiki was not a easily obtainable treatment. Teachers, practitioners or masters were thin on the surface, also to enjoy or take advantage of a treatment you’d sometimes be required to travel considerable distances
Now however, aided by the rise in popularity of reiki, this is simply not the case. The opportunity now exists to get treatment very close to home. Indeed a vast volume of people are taking it a pace further and signing up for online teaching courses. The chance to train up to grand master level has never been so easy.

Indeed many people are becoming so taken using this, they’re becoming teachers themselves. The opportunity to offer treatment to friends, family and paying customers has caused many folks to make reiki into a career. I will add a very lucrative one at that.

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