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Complementary therapists and energy healers involved in other forms of holistic healing frequently attend my Reiki courses. These holistic therapists come from the fields of yoga, tai chi, meditation, massage, reflexology and bio energy.Likewise, the general public who receive holistic therapies such as massage or reflexology often prefer to attend a holistic practitioner who integrates Reiki into the treatment.Why Holistic Practitioners are attracted to Reiki,The feedback I receive from complementary practitioners who attend my classes is very encouraging. One of the main reasons such people attend a Reiki 1 course is to learn how to give themselves energy on a daily basis.

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Since its discovery in the early 1920’s, the healing effects of Reiki Energy have been used to treat everything from psychological conditions to cancerous tumors. One would assume that such a powerfully effective healing art would “catch on” quickly, and spread like wildfire.Now, while Reiki as a holistic healing alternative did become popular rather quickly (especially in its country of origin, Japan), its benefits remained confined to only a very fortunate few. For the first several decades of its existence, certified Reiki training was limited only to the most ambitious and affluent of students. Becoming a Reiki Master required several years of highly supervised instruction and practice as well as a very large sum of money. One could not even consider Master-Level Reiki Training unless he or she was able to come up with the mandatory $10,000 fee applied to this level.

It wasn’t until the mid-1980’s that Reiki was to become more accessible to a wider audience. It was at this time that certified Reiki training was first offered at a more reasonable and affordable price point. Split into three definable levels that were typically taught over a series of weekend workshops, certified Reiki training generally took from about 3 months to a year to complete, depending on the level of commitment and funds available for each student. The cost of certified Reiki training now looked like this:Reiki Level I: $150-250,Reiki Level II: $150-250,Reiki Level III: $500-650

Those who complete my trainings who also practice Tai Chi report noticeable differences in their energy fields following Reiki.People who like to meditate have told me that they find it easier to enter a space of deep relaxation as a consequence of doing continuous self Reiki.Reiki empowers the use of other Natural healing techniques,Many complementary practitioners use a variety of techniques in their work.The feedback from massage therapists and reflexologists is that when they use Reiki during a session the client seems to go to a deeper level of relaxation. I have also received interesting accounts from acupuncturists who have attended the classes with me. They have used Reiki on clients when the needles are in, and they say using it empowers the session.ou may not be aware of this, but reiki training is now available for everyone. It’s in the November release of Empowered News and more and more people are discovering this new information.

So perhaps you’re sold on the benefits of Reiki Energy Healing itself, but have factors like the high cost of training, travel time, and necessary time-commitment involved with more traditional learning methods kept you from developing this powerful healing ability for yourself? As you continue to read through this short article, you’ll learn how you can receive quality Reiki training from the comfort of your own home through a Reiki Home Study Course!

For many, having to pay so much to acquire skills that are naturally within all of us has been rather unsettling. Every one of us has reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) running through every cell in our bodies or we wouldn’t be alive. Reiki is what keeps us alive, healthy and vibrant, so there is no reason why training should be so out of reach for people.Reiki on Your Own Schedule at a Price You Can Afford:Due to all of the technical advancements in the last decade, all types of educational programs are available via the internet and this trend holds true for the healing arts as well.Reiki Masters are increasingly starting to provide extremely profound reiki training and attunements online, making it both more affordable and accessible to a broader range of people.

New Reiki Training Systems:As times are changing and people are becoming more aware of holistic health, so are reiki training methods and techniques.In an effort to make reiki available to more people, distant reiki healing and distant attunements are becoming increasingly useful, removing geographical limitations.In addition to this, the idea of self-attunements is also becoming a topic that reiki students and reiki healers are becoming familiar with as well, which is a process of unleashing the reiki healing power from within, eliminating the need for a reiki master all together.Reiki is, and will always be a beautiful healing art that balances and supports the health of the mind, body and spirit. However, as the only thing that is constant is change…the methods and structure by which reiki is taught is changing in order to make it more accessible to a broader range of people.

Receiving quality Reiki training from the comfort of your own home through a Reiki Home Study Course is a Green Alternative. If you’re conscious of your environment and seeking ways to create a healthy one, there is simply no better way to learn.

The beauty of learning from home is that most distance-learning programs are available in instantly-downloadable formats, giving you the freedom to start immediately and continue on at your own pace. A quality Reiki home study course will give you complete access to manuals and training videos and lineage charts at the click of a mouse, making reference quick and easy.

It is recommended to wait between 6 to 12 months before taking Reiki Level Three, to allow for extensive practice and experience. When you feel ready, you will again undergo a two day session so you may receive your final attunement. There will be another 21 day cleaning period after this attunement. The highest form of energy is received during this Level Three training. Some courses may also include a new Reiki modality in the syllabus, such as the Seichim to help you through. This will enable you as the practitioner to come up with your own lesson plans, and develop your guides and manuals to teach Reiki. One subject you will learn in this level is related to the boundaries and ethics of being a Reiki Master. Some Reiki training courses will require you to pass a test that consists on creating a Level One module for training meant to treat new patients.There are many ways in with you can enroll in a Reiki training course. It is available in some institutions, through home study programs, online learning classes and distance instruction. You just have to do some research for you to find the best option available for you.If you decide to join a class, look for one with a limited amount of students for you to get plenty of hands-on experience, and individual attention from the instructor. They are usually limited to 4 to 8 students.We are all able to learn and experience the wonders of Reiki. No prior experience or qualifications are required other than to keep an open mind to let the positive energy flow and achieve balance in body, mind and spirit.

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