Reiki Sessions Explained

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a method of stress relief, relaxation allowing people entering unlimited source of energy and health and enhance the quality of their life. To clarify you better what Reiki is I would like you to picture lucid white light, flowing down through your head and spreading all over your body. This curing energy is going throughout the whole body, helping you to feel calm and calm. It helps you to get rid from stress and negativity accumulated in the body. You should get rid of stress, because it can become a reason for different diseases.

The concept about unseen streaming energy through human beings is connected with health. It has been a part of wisdom of various cultures many years ago. The existence of this marvelous energy has been proved by many scientists and practitioners. They came to a conclusion that this energy plays an important role in strengthening immune system and in healing process in the whole. It is not a religion and is easy, natural and safe way of spiritual curing and self-enhancement that can be applied by anyone.

A healing process is felt like marvelous glowing glow going through your body and surrounding you. Reiki cures the whole person, including spirit, mind and emotions. It promotes many beneficial effects, such as perfect health, relaxation, tranquility and safety. Most people stated about amazing results. Well, it is good to feel tranquil and comfortable reaping long-term benefits from this healing technique.

A Traditional Reiki Procedure
Though some practitioners will put their hands on the patient, apart from occasional touch on the toes or shoulders till the end of the session, it is recommended not touching the patient as it helps the energy to go deeper without any disruption. A person lies on the message table and the hands of practitioner float an inch or two above the body. People state that they can feel the heat coming from the master’s hands.

He begins from head and moves the energy towards toes. There is specific position of hands that most practitioners use. It is when their hands can cover all the seven chakras of the body. Working the energy down in such a way, the practitioner can find the spots in the body that are affected by various diseases and heal them.

Many people state that they had a feeling of drifting during the session and they were enveloped in a hot light that they felt deeply by their whole body. Very often, when there is a physical damage, a person says that he or she feels that area of body getting hot when the energy is directed into it. Other people say that they feel absolutely nothing.

Any reiki curing (physical, spiritual or mental) is performed by powerful spiritual energy. No physical treatment is used during the sessions, it is carried out only on energetic level.

Practically all the people have at least once heard of reiki healing. But have you ever thought that there cab be passed reiki training courses? What’s more, one can even receive online reiki training.

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