Recovery Fears Frequently Heard From Medical Travel Patients

One of the most significant concerns of s women and men who are considering plastic surgery procedures in Costa Rica such as liposuction, abdominal reduction, or breast augmentation is the extent of recovery time after plastic surgery. With our busy lives, busy work timetable, and never-ending family responsibilities, ladies and men need to know:

The answer to these important questions about cosmetic surgery recovery relies on the sort of surgery, the involved body parts, multiplicity of the procedures, family support structure, and the extent of home or work responsibilities.

In the following section, our experts describe the approximate recovery course and restrictions for a range of plastic surgery procedures, for patients in Costa Rica

Recovery after liposuction: Tumescent, laser, ultrasonic.

Liposuction is a relatively simple process to recover from, mainly because there aren't any large incisions, and the surgery is superficial. Liposuction can be performed on the neck/face, arms, chest, breasts, abdomen, back, buttocks, upper legs, knees, calves, and ankles. The pain and recovery time of liposuction is equivalent to that of a bad muscle bruise sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Most patients take a week or less of recovery prior to going back to work after liposuction. There aren't any restrictions with regard to exercise and you can return to your exercise routine as you're feeling cushty. Similarly, there are no limitations with lifting, pushing, pulling or taking care of small children; though, the majority can not do energetic house work for about 4 days. Most patients can drive within a week; however this also is dependent on the areas of liposuction. For instance, it is harder to steer if you had liposuction of the arms.

Particularly in Costa Rica, most patients are excited to know when they can wear that especial outfit for that important party or event. After liposuction you will be wearing a girdle for roughly six weeks. Despite this, the majority of your regular cloths should fit nicely over it. After the 1st three weeks, if you're planning to wear revealing clothes or dresses, you do not have to wear your girdle in that time. Finally, there aren't any travel limitations.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in Costa Rica. Breast augmentation involves insertion of a Saline or Silicone Breast Implant under the Pectoralis chest muscle. The discomfort linked with breast augmentation is because of the stretching of the Pectoralis muscle by the base breast implant. Most girls describe heavy pressure over their chests. Because of this moving the arms, particularly above the shoulders isn't comfortable for 2 weeks. Most ladies take off one week from work after breast enhancement. You can do lower body exercises in a week and should desist from lifting heavy objects for the first 2-3 weeks. Likewise, I do not advocate driving for one week. There aren't any travel restrictions as long as you do not get your breasts wet in a public pool or a Jacuzzi for 4 weeks.

Often, a breast lift and enhancement, is more distressing than just breast enhancement, and the recovery is the same.

During your consultation, Your Specialist will examine. Your treatment options for plastic surgery procedures, including the benefits and drawbacks of each technique, possible dangers and difficulties , recovery course, pre- and post-operative directions, and esthetic outcomes. There are many before and after photos and high resolution pictures of these procedures available in our photograph gallery.


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