Recollected Hurt

Recalled pain what is that? Well it is truly an interesting thing I have come across in my work and studies during the last one or two years, both professionally and personally helping people in my hypnotherapy practice with all types of assorted things like smoking hypnotherapy, anxiety/depression hypnotherapy and so on.

Remembered pain is where you suffer some type of physical injury you get treated for it, you get better however the leading indicators of the injury never vanish even though the doctors say nothing is wrong with it and it has healed. What is occurring here well you’ve got an unconscious memory of the pain and you are recreating the agony both physically and psychologically, so it is as if the injury is still there.

What on earth are you talking about this is nonsense!! Well no I have had experience of this myself with an injury to ligaments in my back and leg centred on my sacral iliac joint. How does it work you may ask? Well the injury occurs and as a natural defence all of the muscles in that area tighten up to try to protect the area, next the area may heal while the muscles still protect the area not relaxing. This also causes your posture to change along with alignment of bones, muscles ligaments etc. This then causes other issues in that area and perhaps other body areas.

Now I go along in this state feeling ok perhaps with barely any pain or discomfort while getting comfortable with being this way it just become part of your unconscious the discomfort and pain kind of vanishes into the background! Next thing I may injure the area again which then further enflames the area and injury again and you cycle thru the prior steps in the process of healing I detailed above making things worse.

Now the next surprising bit of this while the above is happening you also feel emotions and feelings towards the injury like pain, hurt, anger, disappointment, helplessness, depression, sadness to name a few. This has a marked tendency to magnify the discomfort and suffering of the person while injured, it focuses your attention on the injury and amplifies all of the feelings (agony) and emotions. What happens next is you begin to direct these feelings and emotions directly at the injury, which further increases tension, tightening up of muscles etc everything we discussed earlier.

Here is where it truly gets weird you actually anchor and store these emotions and feelings in the area of the injury also. As a consequence this additionally helps to secure into place the injury or should I say the memory of the injury. You finish up being in constant agony which has a marked tendency to get worse as time elapses, because you are locked in a cycle discussed above adding more emotions, feelings (agony) and physical tenseness etc.

You have subconsciously memorised the agony and continue to reproduce the symptoms and maybe the injury on an ongoing basis. As this continues over time you become used to a particular level of discomfort and suffering it then becomes normal and goes into your unconscious mind, you do not notice it anymore except on occasions then it increases in pain again and is back in your conscious awareness for some time, before you also become used to this level and it is going into your unconscious mind. So in time the pain and suffering slowly increases like on a range of 1 to 10, it begins at a 2-3 then 1 or 2 years later it’s a 4-5 and so on customarily increasing in time at varying rates.

So what can be done? Well the only thing usually that can be done is to approach it from two angles both physical therapy and mental treatment thru hypnosis and NLP. There are more modalities that can be employed like meditation, meditation you will concentrated on the issue areas consciously reprogramming your muscles to relax again while you are receiving physical treatment too. This will also take some time the injury I had took 15 years to get to a significant level of discomfort, so this took me about 2 years of both physical therapy, Hypnotherapy/NLP and meditation work on my subconscious mind to cure the old injury.

I was seeing a massage specialist 1-2 times each week over this period as well as practicing meditation/NLP. I will be able to qualify this, with hindsight I had 2 issues which exacerbated the recovery, two a touch twisted vertebra and my pelvis was rotated forward, the massage therapist didn’t pick up on this it only got treated after I went and saw some one else, at about 1.5 years into this two years of treatment. So. I might have cut this treatment period down to 6-12 months if this was fixed first!! It was a lesson for both me and my massage therapist.

Was it worthwhile? The answer to this is a resounding yes the amount of discomfort emotional trouble this relieved was absolutely amazing I haven’t felt better in my entire life. And the rest of my life will be one thousand times better because I have cleansed my body of all that emotional luggage and agony.

Rodney Inns has been studying and working in the area of Hypnotherapy Melbourne for over 5 years. On his business website he has more information for cleints interested in booking in for a session for some assistance with weight loss hypnotherapy, quit smoking, Phobia?s to name a couple. He also has a blog where he’s got more information on Hypnotherapy, NLP and fast change work.

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