Reasons Why You Should Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

The retiring baby boomer population has increased the need for certified nurse assistants. These employees work with patients directly and ensure that they are safe, comfortable and that their needs are being met. They provide ambulatory care such as help patients on wheel chairs and walkers. They may also sit with the elderly while they eat and help cut up food sizes to smaller ones that are more practical.

These experts are involved in the general upkeep of their patients. They bathe them and assist them in using the bathrooms. Making their beds and ensuring adequate cover to ensure warmth is also part of their responsibilities. They are also expected to check the vital signs of their patients such as the heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. Because of how close they become to their patients, they also form a relationship with the relatives of the individual and inform them on the patient’s status.

To become a certified nursing assistant, one needs to have a high school diploma at the least or a GED. With this, they will be able to get admitted in a college that offers nursing courses. Most colleges in the US offer CNA programs, which the individual has to pass, and which will then lead him to also pass a board exam since this will determine the individuals qualifications. One must be able to handle responsibilities such as bedmaking, lifting ang moving as well as assisting in self-care needs.

CNA’s are generally paid by the hour and this depends on where they work and the amount of experience that they have. Those who work in big health care institutions usually make more money than those who work in smaller companies in rural areas. The starting pay for a novice nurse ranges between $8-$10 per hour. The CNA who has a lot of experience can find herself making $12-$15 per hour.

In order to get certification, the individual has to take and pass written exams which are usually given after he finishes training. This certification is usually valid for five years, which he then has to renew after the validity expires. Since they are usually updated with the latest requirements for careers in healthcare, these individuals won’t find it hard to get a job in this field.

Being a part of major associations such as the American Nurses Association can be much of an advantage since they promote quality health care and emphasizes the important roles of nurses in the society. Nursing assistants are a big help to doctors and nurses since these professionals also have other duties and responsibilities to attend to. Increase in elders means higher demand for nursing assistants.

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