Reasons To Go For Paraben Free Cosmetics

When you apply something on your skin, more than half of it are absorbed and reach the bloodstream. That’s why you should be careful which personal care products you use. These days, many women are opting for paraben free cosmetics to steer clear of the dangers of using anything with such chemical.

Paraben is a type of a chemical compound which acts as a preservative. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, the shelf life products which have it may be extended. Some makeup, facial cleansers, lotions, shampoos and many other products use the chemical. There are also food items which also contain it.

Reasons why you should refrain from using such products are varied. This chemical can mimic the role of estrogen. When it gets to your bloodstream, your body will mistake it for that hormone. Many studies have linked estrogen to issues such as depression, weight gain and premature aging.

It’s also linked to the development of some cancers, such as that of the breast. If such is the case, simply imagine the price you have to pay in wanting to look beautiful. What’s more, there are also researches which suggest that this chemical also disrupts the testosterone levels, affecting the reproductive system of males.

The environment is also placed at certain risks. The items you apply in the shower or at the beach are washed off and get to the plants and water. When consumed by animals, their normal hormone levels may get disrupted. It’s one of the reasons why scientists are finding genetic defects on certain animals.

Fortunately for you, there are more and more manufacturers dishing out paraben free cosmetics nowadays. Read the packaging and scan the ingredients before buying a product. You can significantly reduce your risk of having the health issues above by staying away from items containing this chemical.

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