Reasons To Enroll To Advocare Diet Plan

Health is one of the major issues that needs to be taken to consideration. Good health can sometime prove to be very difficult to maintain. This is why Advocare gives individuals a 24day challenge. In this period of 24 days, one is expected to observe a certain diet. There are also rules that they have to follow in order to have the diet working. An example is the Advocare diet plan.

There are two phases that are usually involved in this 24 day challenge. The first phase is called the cleanse phase. It is mainly between the first and the tenth day. In this stage one is able to get rid of the waste that they had in the body otherwise known as detoxification. The remaining part of the challenge is called max phase. This is where the weight cutting work begins.

The best diet to make one run the whole 24day challenge without challenges is vegetables and low fat meals. Romaine lettuce is just an example. Some of them come I washed packed packages. One can replace their junk snacks with this vegetable. It can also keep one’s mouth busy as they make their main course. It is healthy due to its high fiber and low calories not above 50.

Spices should be avoided as much as possible by such people. They should try and adopt to just use mustard spice, reason being it has low sugar levels or even non at all. They might also be high on calorie. Mustard on the other hand has no calories at all. However, some companies have mustard with an amount of calories in it therefore it is wise to heck before purchase.

Anyone under this Advocare diet plan should also ensure that they at least have a cup of green tea. A glass of wine is what people resort to in their relaxing evenings or after meals. Herbal tea is however better than any glass of wine. The main reason is because of the natural ingredients that the herbal tea contains. Taking the tea is refreshing as the tea in itself is very sweet even without sugar.

When it comes to the main course, trying brown rice is great. This brown rice is healthier than white rice in many circumstances. One, is because it contains much fiber needed for digestion. Two is because it has less sodium compared to the other types of rice. However there are some companies that put so much sodium thus checking before buying has no harm.

However, thee are times that one fails to observe their diet in between the 24 days. This is not the end as there are some things they should do to get back on track. One of the things is to take up much fruit after that night of partying. Blackberries could serve this as they have a high fiber content. A meal full of vegetable could also work. Broccoli, orange cherry tomatoes, and steamed asparagus among others.

Finally, water is key to everything. It is advisable to take up as much water as one can in a day. This helps in keeping the body at large healthy. Digestion is also made easier. After all this is successful and 24 days are over, it is upon an individual to do what they like. They could go on with the healthy eating or go back to their initial Advocare diet plan. It all depends on their satisfaction to their weight loss.

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