Reasons for Lack of Weight Loss

If you’re making an effort at lessening your weight, it’s important to learn about the best technique so that the efforts you make cede to fabulous results. Nothing is more wearisome than feeling like you’re depriving yourself and working relentlessly and still not noticing a much when you step on a scale. To help you determine what may be thwarting you from getting to your goals, we’ve distinguished some ordinary reasons that several people have a hard time dropping weight.

Losing weight can be hard with stress. Several things can be the reason for this. Sometimes we feel the need to eat when we are stressed to relieve the tension. In these situations, we also don’t choose the best food either. The average person goes for the most fattening and calorie-rich foods, like sweets and fast food. Researchers believe our body’s natural reaction to our “fight or flight” type situations is to choose high calorie foods. Also, if you are under pressure, you may not have enough time to prepare healthy meals, which makes you grab fast food throughout the day.

You may have trouble losing weight if you snack too much, and many people don’t pay much attention to all the snacking they do. You can watch your calories at meals, but if you’re always munching on fattening snacks like chips, donuts, cookies or whatever happens to be within reach, you’ll have a hard time losing weight. Our bodies are designed to absorb almost every calorie from food such that even the small snacks that you munch on in between meals count as calories – in fact, many of these snacks contain high amounts of calories despite their small sizes. The good news is that this fattening snack habit can be changed into a healthy one simply by placing better alternatives like vegetable sticks, fruit salads and low-fat yogurt within your reach instead of the usual cookies, chips and cakes.

A few people have difficulty in achieving effective weight loss not because of any fault of their own in terms of adapting healthy lifestyle changes but because of underlying medical conditions. Syndrome X is an example of an underlying medical condition known to cause weight gain in 1 of 5 people despite their best efforts to lose weight mainly because it is closely related with insulin resistance. If you have a strong sweet tooth as manifested by your love for sugar- and carbohydrate-filled foods, you may well have Syndrome X. Other symptoms include frequently feeling bloated, a lack of energy and having excess body fat around the middle, face and neck. Seek medical opinion immediately if you suspect that Syndrome X may be wreaking havoc with your body lest health complications like high blood pressure and heart disease develop.

In conclusion, it can be very frustrating trying to lose weight and not seeing results from all your efforts. You need to try numerous approaches in weight loss even seeing a doctor or dietitian to determine the best plan. Virtually everybody can succeed in weight loss when the main obstacle in success can be identified. Always take a look at your lifestyle habits in relation to the abovementioned reasons for failure in weight loss and then adopt the necessary changes.

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