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  1. iloveyourstory says:

    She looks so much better!!!!!!

    I feel like when I go to Jason’s Deli that I am eating raw when I eat from the salad bar. I always feel better after leaving.

  2. JudiBeaver says:

    This is really motivating. I have been revisiting the Fit for Life book recently which is also a raw food way of eating.

  3. Raw food yayyyyy

  4. MihaiAlexandru92 says:

    Maybe raw food really is the best… I almost never feel 100% full after eating… it improved since I quit eating meat a few months ago but I still cook my food. 2 months ago I could eat a whole barbecue and still not feel full… maybe cooking actually modifies the nutrients so the body doesn’t get what it needs no matter how much you eat?

  5. dogsarebetter says:

    I am itching to go mostly raw vegan when I go to college! with some cooked things here and there like carrots,spinach,and broccoli.

  6. liplylips says:

    the food looked good. i wanna know the recipes

  7. MariEscopel says:

    Raw Food !!
    Raw Food !!

    It`s just amazing!!

  8. MariEscopel says:


  9. Halo3sniper41306 says:

    Shes atrractive! and she has a deffinite glow…….and she was over wieght ?! what more proof do I need (although Im a guy).

  10. Curlyreetz says:

    Hey i’ve just been recommended to go on a raw diet..but transition it into a lifestyle, to help reduce the rate at which a condition i have gets worse..So by raw…it just means living things aye..fruit/veg/chicken and eggs? But you can cook the veges aye, they dont needa be eaten uncooked…or do they…? 🙂 Lookin fwd to it, esp with summer fruits on the way 🙂 Seaweed idea for her dinner looks so good too. Yum! 🙂

  11. andijab000 says:

    1st, man shouted:” I make FIre !!!, so i can now Cook food”.

    Some few thousands years later,
    Man shouted again: ” RaW FOOD EnzYmes!!!Good for HealtH!!”..

    Then man think again:” Why the hell did I make fire in the 1st place..?!?

    (Personally, I want to eat raw too, but I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the pesticides. I lived in a less developed country, so NO ORGANIC – even if there are, it’s probably a scam).

  12. bendymind says:

    I third. Can’t trust the media.

  13. jeremiahp says:

    Fat commentator at the end of the video: “I don’t know if it’s tasty, but it does seem to work.” Having gone to a ‘mostly’ raw diet (and losing 40 lbs in 5 mo.), I can say that raw, organic fruits and veggies taste awesome. After eating cooked foods at family reunions, parties, etc, I often craze the taste and energy of raw, living foods a great deal. Once you begin to retrain your mind-body’s conception of fullness and taste, it’s amazing how the body begins to craze the natural taste of foods.

  14. This was very inspirational and uplifting, I may incorporate some of this into my fitness competion

    Thanks for this

  15. This video is probably one of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen on youtube. I’ve started the raw food diet and I love it! I’ve never felt better!

  16. This video is seriously so inspiring to me. I’ve been looking into the whole “Raw Food” idea and I love it. Your video has made me want to do this even more, thank you so much for being such an inspiration

  17. ashleyjuddstwin says:

    i second this.

  18. ashleyjuddstwin says:

    raw chocolate is AMAZING!!! It’s raw cacao…very bitter but when you mix it with raw coconut butter and raw agave nectar, omg it likes like the richest chocolate truffle you’ve ever tried in your LIFE.

  19. catfish36 says:

    Good point. If you’re too radical in your switch then it’s hard to maintain. As you incorporate more raw foods you’ll start feeling better. When you revert back to eating chicken, rice etc. you’re energy will start in decline. You won’t like the feeling it gives you compared to the ‘high’ of nutritional, live foods.

  20. krystal6183 says:

    What the hecks raw chocolate?!

  21. ladylabret says:

    I really dont like it how they called her story “nutty diet”, implying a raw diet is crazy..

  22. hollywoodartchick says:

    I have never met a person who went raw and stayed fat. Never. But I have met a lot of fat people who argued about why raw/vegan is not healthy…and stayed fat.

  23. jimmypier54 says:

    juliano’s raw 609 Broadway , Santa Monica • 310-587-1552

  24. TheSamuraiPrincess says:

    Yeah here in the UK 14lbs is a stone so that makes her weight loss what, 105lbs?

  25. LiptonGuy says:

    What are they saying ?

    7 1/2 stones ?

    They measure weight in stones ?

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