Rating Of Drinks That Slow Aging.

Old age or aging – is an inevitable process, which implies the appearance of signs of fatigue of individual organs and tissues and the organism as a whole.

The specialists of the University of California (USA) made a rating of drinks, which help slow the aging.

Here they are:

6. Apple juice (without sugar and unclarified). It helps with arteriosclerosis, diseases of liver, bladder and kidneys. It improves work of the bowel, removes waste products of metabolism, free radicals and toxins from the body. It regains strength after exercise very well.

5. Cherry juice. It preserves youthfulness of eyes and teeth, supports blood hemoglobin, and struggles with urinary tract infections. It reduces the risk of many kinds of cancer and supports the efficiency of the brain; helps maintain a good memory even in adulthood.

4. Blueberry juice. It helps fight with diabetes, prevents gum diseases. It also saves the efficiency of intestine and helps maintain its normal microflora. It strengthens eyesight, prevents the formation of wrinkles.

3. Grape juice. In addition to the antioxidants, there are a lot of vitamins of group B here. This kit will support the youth of the skin, hair and nails, helps fight with infections, diseases of the cardiovascular system and joints. In addition, grape juice helps preserve the memory and struggles with breast cancer.

2. Dry red wine. 30 grams of it per day – is an excellent prevention of all oncological diseases, it is proved by several studies. The wine has no equal on the number of plant antioxidants. It protects the heart, blood vessels, and joints. Only one minus did not allow this drink to climb on top of the rankings: the alcohol content.

1. Pomegranate juice. In addition to all these antioxidants, it contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium. Due to these components, this juice is very helpful for the cardiovascular system, joints, skin, hair and nails, circulatory and nervous systems.

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