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  1. lol ur in a fight and u feel like taking a poo

  2. Nicsaprincess says:


    Thats how the SD Boy’s do it!!!:)

  3. Nicsaprincess says:

    Yes….This Princess is SOOOO Not Average:-)

  4. Nicsaprincess says:


    My Whole life was a DIET!

    Chronic dieting is the Biggest Eating disorder of our Decade…Maybe of our TIME:)

    Being over weight is a Symptom, not the Problem….But I Think weight loss is 90% Mental.

    In most case’s people can Lose weight, their mind often times inhibits them.

    Love this Video Seany….Lurve you too:)

  5. You can call him and thank him.
    Listen to the end of his video again.

  6. FluorideIsBad says:

    the fluoridated pesticides residues on food that is not organic is affecting peoples thyroids causing them to be fat. Fluoride in fluoridated water is doing it too as well as fluoride from fluoridated toothpaste.

    See the thyroid section in the health effects database at FluorideACTION . net

  7. arismommy2 says:

    LOVED this VIDEO!!! =D

  8. liplylips says:

    No I am in circles..Stess with Food and Extercise!! Wow I love you… you just explained everthing to me.
    I wish I could call you.

  9. liplylips says:

    This is really good information!!
    It all makes so much sense…I get it now.
    This is everything I’ve been through. I when from 136–88lbs FAST and went through these problems. Now I’m back at where I started only fatter and I slowly been loseing weight but not I have yeast overgrowth, I have sooo many conditions in my gut. it even pops out. I can eat TONS of sugar. ITS crazy! always Craving it! omg and that is why i hate lowcal it worked but man now i have consequences. not forever man not..

  10. RayRaySag says:

    This is ridiculously insightful…it kinda makes you look at your daily activities and functions

  11. pumpiron19 says:

    NO NO NO

  12. WellnessMafia says:

    Still gota get me one of them T shirts. Going to take a look now. Great clip. I can tell however that people are realizing just what yo yo dieting is and how bad it is for you.

  13. stacyju77 says:

    I LOVE U SEAN!!!!!!

  14. karlrichii says:

    Piper is the man

  15. dedrawilliams says:

    thanks ,that explained me tottaly .

  16. i hear a high pitched noise in the background

  17. btw that was for an overweight person going normal. A friend of mine had succuss with that.

  18. yo sean or anyone else, what do you think about people doing one meal a day, counting calories, and drinking only water.

    sounds somewhat healthy somewhat unhealty to me but idk

  19. Kevbox2008 says:

    “You don’t lose weight to get healthy. You get healthy to lose weight.” I’m need to use that one!!!

    John Piper said, “Books don’t change lives. Sentences change lives.” That’s one of those life changing sentences. Keep it up, Sean!!! :^)

  20. stevenshl2 says:

    Hah, you think im making this up?, My motavation was a fight, im a big guy okay? i get tired easy. I jogged 1 hour a day and worked out every 2 days. for 1 month. i cut down on my Fast food, but i still eat a lot. So what i said, is all from the results, i went on a scale and everything, my muscle mass increased by 10lb and my fat % from 27% went down to 7.5%, my overall weight went from 170 to 148.

  21. EmelinaChaCha says:

    How do you un-stress your adrenal glands?

  22. gortaithe says:

    can stress can give women male hair growth patterns? love what you are doing sean!!! please keep it up! we appreciate all you do.

  23. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

    aha i knew it Sean’s from SD!

  24. airbuzzer says:

    Yeah your exactly right. Sean is actually the reason I decided my career choice. If I didn’t stumble upon one of his videos late 2007, I don’t know where I would be right now in my life.

  25. aaahhhhaaaahhhh says:

    thats impossible 30 pounds of fat is 105,000 calories and gain 10lbs of muscle your dumb.

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