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YES! The law has been passed in Ohio, and it’s most likely going to spread. Folks can no longer enjoy cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other forms of smoking in public places in Ohio. They must take their cancer addiction outdoors. This is the way it should be. Considering the fact that other individuals are afflicted by the smoke, it’s hardly fair to blow it around indoors. Besides, nearly 80 percent of us don’t smoke, so we’re definitely the majority by far. Therefore all you cigarette puffers out there better start searching for quit smoking support groups, nicotine patches and gum substitutes. Before you know it, smoking will NOT be aloud anywhere. Thank God for small favors.

Okay, so you smoke and you’ve been doing it since you were 12 or whatever. I’ve certainly known a few individuals like this. My mother in-law is one of them. She’s from Germany and began smoking when she was 11 or 12. She told me this about 9 years ago when I asked her not to smoke indoors. Of course I heard the typical diatribe about how she’s been doing it forever and she can’t help it, bla, bla, bla. I can’t say that I cared. My first question was, “Well, why did you ever start smoking?” It just makes no sense. I was around smokers growing up and I was offered cigarettes on more occasions than I can count, but I never tried one. There was never a reason to. Why in the world would I pay money to suck in smoke? Anyway, my mother in-law finally quit when her doctor convinced her she would die if she didn’t. There’s nothing like putting things into perspective for people. On top of that, she joined one of the new-age quit smoking support groups online. Yes, I did say ONLINE. It shouldn’t be any surprise that quit smoking support groups are on the web in this day and age. Speaking of which, this could be what you need to get on the band wagon. How simple can you get! You can hop on the web any time to get support for your smoking addiction.

The money you spend on cigarettes along should get you motivated. Imagine how much you would save if you ditched the habit. Search for quit smoking support groups, find a decent one to get you motivated, watch your health and energy levels increase, notice the cash you save, and enjoy your white teeth without the gross habit of smoking weighing you down. It truly is a better way to live.

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