Quick and Easy Remedies for Moles

While professional methods do exist for getting rid of moles, they can be costly, painful, and even leave behind scars. Moles in themselves can be a bit unsightly but is still bearable when seen in public; however scarring from surgery can be even more embarrassing. If your mole is not a precondition to something serious like cancer, try some home remedies for moles using items you can easily find around the house.

Although their effectiveness can vary you may be surprised at just how effective some of them can be. By using onions or other things you can find inside a refrigerator you can easily whip up a batch of stuff to treat a mole. Folk remedies for moles have long made use of onions. You can either be lazy about it and buy the juice from the supermarket, or extract it yourself so that you can apply it on the mole.

You can also use a clove of garlic over a period of several nights. It contains sulphur, so you can cut a slice from it and then place it on the inside of a band-aid which you then apply on the mole. Better yet, crush the clove before placing it in the band-aid to extract more of its juice. Of course, be careful if you crush it, as it can burn the surrounding skin if you leave it on overnight. To protect those areas, apply petroleum jelly around the mole so that the garlic juice can’t affect them.

You can try grapefruit instead if you prefer something a little milder. Just get some of the fruit and extract the juice from it, which you can then apply to the mole. It can take as long as a month to eliminate the mole since it is rather mild, even when applied daily. Use the onion or garlic remedies every other day if you want something a little faster while avoiding the effects that burn the skin.

To make sure that the mole is not a precondition to cancer, consult with your doctor before starting any form of home remedy treatment. Feel free to try out any remedy you want once you are given the doctor’s go signal. There are other remedies as well that you can try, each with varying efficacy from the other.

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