Public Speaking: How to Gain Confidence

Gaining self confidence is a very hard task, but it can be very achievable if you have patience, determination, and to truly believe that you are going to make it. The following are some of the ways through which you can gain self confidence:Learn your insecurities – In order to gain self confidence you have to locate those issues that make you uncomfortable. It can be a result of past experience, friends or general appearance. You can even write them down on a paper and tear it later to make you feel better.

[How To Gain Confidence]

Share your insecurities with family and friends. These are the closest people to you and they can be of great help to you. If it’s something you cannot change, learn to accept it because acceptance is the best solution you can ever have in this world.Be aware that no one in this world is perfect, so appreciate all that you have

Act Confident, Feel Good.The interesting thing about our behavior and way of thinking is that the way we think, feel and do affects each other. If you cannot think confidence, then act confident. Worry less, act more. The more you act confident the more confident you will get. You actions will compel you to think confidently. It takes time, but one act builds on another and before you know it, your feeling and thinking will change. The more you act confidently, the better you feel and you will naturally gain confidence.Learn New Things.Huh? You must be thinking, you have no confidence and yet I am suggesting you to learn new things? It’s been known to work for some of the people I counseled. Choose a hobby or skill you have always wanted to get into. As a newbie, you start from the ground up, so you get good basics and as you learn and become more proficient you gain more confidence. Learning new things will also unveil insights to yourself and ways on how to gain confidence elsewhere in your life. Try it.

What if you are ambushed to make a speech, where will you get your confidence from? Well, you can’t be well prepared for this kind. This is when you have to apply the ‘mind over matter’ mantra. Being nervous is just all in the mind. Convince yourself that you can own that stage no matter what. Rather than being bothered by the question or the subject of your speech, concentrate on what you know about it and how you’re going to say it. Once you’re in the middle of your speech and you feel like you’re going to falter anytime soon, it is good to stop for a while, look at your audience and throw them a smile. Whatever chances the world has, there will always be those who are looking at you and listening to what you are saying. Take your strength from them. Take your confidence from the fact that someone on the audience is waiting for the next thing you’re going to say.

Help Someone.Helping someone makes you feel good. It also allows you to see some of the qualities you have that you may have overlooked. Being able to help someone is a subtle and often overlooked way on how to gain confidence. Think about it, being able to help someone says that you do have some good skills other needs.How to gain confidence? You need not do all of it. Feel free to mix and match. Try different things. The important part is act upon your plan.Have you ever felt the whole world was against you? No matter what you try, you just can’t succeed, causing you to have a total lack of self-confidence. You may even feel that way now, but what I am about to share with you should pull you out of that place and into a mindset and feeling of total possibility and success to ensure you boost your self-confidence rapidly.While you feel isolated from everyone else when you are going through this phase with no confidence, within the next few minutes you will learn that you are not alone at all. In fact you will discover that you have more support at your disposal than you thought possible guaranteeing you to build confidence.

Work out – If your lack of self confidence is as a result of body shape, you can have exercises that will help you keep fit and be of the size you want. Working out is not just good for gaining self-confidence it is directly related to many other improvements in your life. Working out can be one of the best and easiest solutions to a low self-confidence!Confidence is a powerful asset to have in the workplace. People who are confident in themselves can expect to be given increased responsibility, leadership opportunities and ultimately more success.

But of course, confidence is to be distinguished from arrogance, which does not attract people or success. When you are confident, you believe in your own abilities but you do not need to look down at or mistreat others. In fact, the greater your confidence, the more you will act in a selfless, generous and engaging manner.Here are three top tips to help you develop confidence at work.Focus On Confidence.Confidence is ultimately an emotion. When you feel the emotion of confidence, it allows you to access inner resources that make you more capable and focussed. On the other hand, when you feel a lack of confidence, you will tend to hold back, not take risks and generally under-perform.But while confidence may be an emotion, developing it is more of a skill. And skill requires practice. Any complex skill that you are now able to perform, which includes reading, writing and talking required a lot of practice. Any skills at work that you are able to perform also required practice.

Developing your confidence is no different. I’d love to be able to tell you that you just need to read one article and you’ll be confident. In our urgent need to get results fast, we still delude ourselves into believing that we can get things faster than is possible. The fact is, anything you have ever achieved of value, required practice and effort. And it begins with focus.Focus on being more confident. Set aside time every day to work on your confidence. It doesn’t need to be very long. But daily effort will supercharge your efforts to be more confident.Change your Thoughts to Improve Your Confidence.As we have mentioned, confidence is an emotion. And emotions are caused by thoughts. Before you can feel sad, you have to have thought a sad thought. Before you can feel happy, you must have had a thought that was happy too. In the same manner, your thoughts can drastically transform your confidence levels, if you take care to think only confident thoughts.

“Wait a minute” you might be saying. How am I supposed to contact them when I am feeling like this (as down as one can feel)? Don’t worry, this is much easier than you think.If you choose your coach wisely, you will have done it from the point of trust, love, respect and admiration. Chances are they feel the same way towards you, because over time you have both created an important and very strong friendship/relationship. All you have to do is be open and honest and they will most likely accept your request with open arms.You can simply say something like:”I need your help. I am feeling really down right now and need someone to make me smile”. “I’m really lacking confidence right now and need someone to snap me out of these negative thoughts I’m having, do you mind helping?”The more open and honest you are, the more likely they will accept and do everything they can to help you out. People love to help others. It makes them feel good to know they have contributed to someone and they get praised, which makes them also feel special.

Above all – take action and put yourself in charge. The right frame of mind will set you off to promising new grounds. Step by step you can change your attitude and empower yourself to make a difference in your own future, your own life.Margaret Buj is an Interview Coach and a senior recruiter, with experience of recruiting across EMEA for leading organizations in the technology sector, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco and Business Objects. During a 1-to-1 coaching session with Margaret, you will get the opportunity to practice your interview skills without the pressure and the nerves of a real interview. You will get clear, practical advice and encouragement, and you will become more fluent in your ability to answer any question an interviewer can throw at you. As a result, you will feel less anxious and more confident and you will significantly increase your chances of getting a job offer or a place on a graduate training scheme.

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