Pros And Cons For The Schwinn Airdyne Bike

If you’re looking to get back into shape for any reason, there’s a strong chance that you’ve looked at the gym, and the reason you are reading this might be because the fees for said gym were simply ridiculous. Maybe you want that alternative and you will undoubtedly be glad to hear that the alternative in question does actually exist! That being said, let’s take a look at the Schwinn Airdyne and examine everything that it can do for you!

Works With Wind Resistance

First of all this is a dual action exercise bike that provides wind resistance. For those unfamiliar with the terms, this means it will work both the legs and the upper body, which is a great innovation for stationary exercise bikes of any type. In addition to that, the bike features an extra quiet belt drive system and a fan to keep the wheel cool. You might take this for granted right now, but at some point you will discover just how important it really is to keep that wheel cool while you are using the bike.

Quick Access To Information

Onboard computer systems are also becoming progressively popular within the Airdyne because it features a computer which will showcase workload, calories, heartbeat, Revolutions per minute, as well as your distance. Information you’d have needed to manually take before is now available by the push of a button. In addition, the bike includes a weight limit of 500 pounds which will certainly prove useful, but when you use the bike correctly, the load limit won’t matter much!

Quality Brakes

The bike has resistance-based stopping/braking, meaning zero friction is produced throughout the stopping process. Consequently, the bike requires virtually no maintenance throughout its service life. In addition it contains sealed cartridge bearings, which will eventually give a softer ride in the long run.

A Couple of Cons

You’ve heard all the benefits at this point, and you may be wondering if there are any disadvantages to owning this exercise bike. The truth of course is that there are disadvantages to every product, but the true cons are the ones that everyone will seem to agree on. The major disadvantage with this bike that people have reported and actually agree on is the fact that it needs better instructions, and that Nautilus needs to provide better support. There is a serious lack of assembly instructions, and if you manage to assemble it in the shape of a candy cane, Nautilus will probably not help you. That being said, make sure you are familiar with exercise bike assembly, or have someone else assemble the device if they are confident they can do it.

Overall this is a great exercise bike so long as you are prepared for the lack of support and the lack of proper instructions. Once assembled you will find that it serves your exercise needs well, and that you will be ready to face the challenges you set for yourself with the Schwinn Airdyne!

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