Prominent Naples Psychologist Helps Create Solutions For Depression

The term depression, when used in everyday conversation, can mean anything from occasional sadness to being too lazy to get out of bed. As a Naples psychologist would explain, this is not clinical depression. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, a reference book psychologists use defines the symptoms.

The reference book, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, is used by psychologists in the US to analyze their impressions of a persons condition. To be classified as clinical depression, symptoms must be in existence for two weeks or longer. From a list, five or more of these symptoms must be present.

A clinical depression as defined by the DSM requires that certain criteria be met. There are variations of these combined symptoms. When there are five or more of these named symptoms over a duration of two weeks, it fills the definition of clinical or major depression.

He may be unusually tired for no reason. He will not want to take part in recreational activities he once enjoyed. It is possible that he will not be able to go to work.

One of the most dangerous symptoms is a focus on suicide. This may require emergency intervention. The individual who exhibits five of the listed symptoms for more than two weeks requires professional help.

At the extreme level of clinical depressive disorder the person may be unable to cope with life as he previously did. He will be too exhausted, for no apparent reason, to go to work or attend classes if he is a student. This lack of energy is an indicative symptom.

When a loved one dies and the family is depressed, it is a different situation. The Naples psychologist is someone the individual can turn to for help. He will approach the two in different ways.

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