profits of Music on relax (I)

The music is claimed to be the elixir of life, this statement was made thousands of years ago, but these words are still valid, as homo sapiens and music have and always had have an intimate relationship, especially the link between music and relaxation.

Currently several research has demonstrated that depending on the type of music you can decide to relax or lift our mood when we are depressed. Generally is soft music soft music, can get to combine the sounds of nature.

When we listen to rock, we are way more active and raise our heart rate. Romantic music can provoke contentment, unhappiness or melancholy, dependent on the memories that are linked with a selected song.(Ley de Atraccion)

But if what we are looking for relaxation thru music, we will be able to select the classic yoga or meditation to free us from all of the stress and tensions.

An example of this music is the ancient civilization of India, which has songs with words made to help you create a mental image, which will generate bigger well-being every time you listen.

Exercises blend music and breath to chill

Thru straightforward exercises and then we’ll show you how to get the advantages of slow breathing using music to chill.

1. Put soft music (the classic) and try and be as cushty possible (think you are on a deserted beach).

2. Breathe slowly and terribly through your nose, keep a comfortable pace. It is normal if you pause between inhalation and exhalation.AtreveteAVivir

3. Gradually extend the period of exhalation time 2 times the period of inhalation. For example, draws the air for 2 seconds, pause and then breathe out for 4 seconds. Do not count the time by the clock, the example is just to illustrate the exercise in the correct way.

4. Once you become used to this pattern of respiring, try to reduce it slowly. No slow respiring to the point of feeling uncomfortable, remember to be relaxed to attain the benefits of exercise.

5. Continue breathing this way for 15 minutes, practice exercise 4 or 5 times each week.

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