Private Parcel Delivery Services Vs The Post Office

If you think the post office does a bad job delivering your mail, you are probably too young to remember when they were the only game in town. With no competition to speak of, they had no motivation to get better. Those days are gone, thanks to the efforts of private parcel delivery companies.

You will still find no lack of motivation to choose a private company over your local postal service. If you are concerned about big brother and the invasion of privacy, you should be wary of the post office.

More and more companies have abandoned them altogether as a way to hold on to trade secrets and maintain confidentiality. There are a lot fewer customer complaints at the delivery companies regarding packages being late, damaged, or worse of all, lost.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve heard news accounts where a mail carrier was caught with thousands of pieces of mail in his home, that she never delivered, going back year upon year. It is not a matter of coincidence that you never hear stories like that about an employee of one of the parcel companies.

There’s a good reason for this. There is no doubt whatsoever that those mail carriers had many occasions through the years where they made it obvious that something bad was happening with them. There is more accountability in the private sector. They would have been have been fired for any number of infractions before things could ever get so out of hand.

Parcel delivery companies don’t just compete with the post office. They compete with each other, as well. They are constantly striving to improve and innovate their services. They are available online, where you can compare their prices and their options, and even schedule them to come to your house to pick up your package.

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