Print As An Effective Target Advertising Tool

Six months ago, my father retired from running our family’s classical furniture shop in Belfast and he asked me to step in. I noticed a downward trend when I reviewed the store’s sales performance reports from the last three years. I surmised that the dip in sales was due to the popularity of modern furniture and weak advertising campaigns on our part.

I knew it was just a matter of convincing people that unlike modern furniture, our products will never go out of style. To do this I needed a more active and targeted marketing approach. By employing targeted advertising, I am guaranteed that the money I will spend on promotional messages will not be for naught at the same time increase the response rate among our store’s target audience.

I had limited budget so I decided to settle with printed ads. I conducted a research on printers in Belfast online and was thrilled when I saw that there were rather plenty. There was also at least one website which aggregated consumer reviews about several printers in Belfast. I viewed their respective online portfolios and requested quotations from each one.

I chose the one with the best looking samples. The company I ended up outsourcing did not have the cheapest rates, but they were reasonable considering that they had the best looking samples from the bunch. I provided them drafts of the brochures, posters, and flyers which I needed and requested them to be enhanced. They sent me several options in my email and gave them the OK to start printing. The materials were delivered to our store a few days later and they looked perfect.

Employing some principles of target advertising, I signed up for a local trade fair which showcased furniture and other home essentials instead of just giving out flyers to anyone on the street. We encouraged those who visited our booth to sign up to receive our full product brochure semi-annually by post. Those on the list received our brochures which showed decorating ideas using our full classical furniture lineup. Our efforts paid off.

Not only were we able to constantly sell a good number of our products but we were also able to get a loyal following who were more than willing to share their brochures to their other friends. As you can see, you don’t need a lot of money to have a successful advertising campaign, all it needs is believing in your brand and your staff and a good amount of guts.

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