Preparation Of Casabe At Home

One of the foods that has been prepared for many years in the world is casabe. This food is made from cassavas that are a healthy source of starch. Preparing it at home is simple and any one can learn how to do it. Commercial production has also began due to increased demand for the delicacy.

Human beings are accustomed to eating three meals in a day. This dish can be included in any of the three meals. It can be taken with coffee in the morning or with soup at lunch time. One can take it with stew in the evening. Depending on one’s preference, it can be a main component of a meal or not.

An important part of cooking is preparation of all the ingredients necessary. They should be in the right quantities whether by weight or size. Quantity is estimated by the number of people to be served as well as the amount of portions that each will consume. Once the ingredients have been gathered together, preparation and cooking can begin.

Since preparation of this specialty requires few ingredients, cost is not a limiting factor. Key components are cassavas and salt. Important items used include cooking fire, a cooking pan, a clean cheese cloth, a grating utensil and a food turner. Fresh cassavas can be obtained from farms or food market. To store this source of starch for future use, it can be frozen and remain in good condition for several months. For short term storage, refrigeration under water is done. When refrigerated it should be consumed within four days.

Good quality cassava will have a fresh smell when cut and the solid part concealed inside is white in color without any brown spots. To prepare it, wash with clean water to remove any dirt on the outside. The next step is to peel it by cutting off the tapering ends and making transverse cuts to end up with pieces which are of manageable size. Each piece is placed on a board with the cut end on the flat cutting surface. With a sharp knife, the outside covering is peeled off. The core is also removed after cutting the piece into four longitudinal portions. At this point, the pieces are washed and stored for future use or grated before cooking.

The part of the grater with the smallest holes should be used in grating so as to get a fine product. Salt is added to these new small pieces and mixed evenly. The mixture is then placed on a clean cloth and any excess water is squeezed out. It is now ready for cooking.

The mixture is placed on a hot cooking pan and spread out to form a cake that is not so thick. The underside is allowed to cook until it changes color to golden. A food turner is used to carefully flip it so that the other side cooks too.

Casabe is served warm or left to cool then stored. When cold, it is hard similar to a cracker. It is served with soups, stews or even beverages. It is easy and quick to prepare especially after one gains experience in its preparation.

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