Pre-Workout Supplement Tips: Which Ingredients Are Making Your Skin Crawl?

If you have taken a pre-workout supplement recently, it is very likely that you’ve experienced this itchy/tingly feeling on your skin. This sensation is called “Paresthesia”, and is actually harmless at the doses pre-workouts provide. It can be quite mild at lower doses, but can also be pretty uncomfortable at higher ones. Some people enjoy this tingly feeling because it helps them to know that the supplement they’ve taken is working. Some people don’t feel it at all. And yet others find it way too uncomfortable to cope with, either due to a higher sensitivity, dry skin, or other condition.

How does your pre-workout supplement do this? Which ingredient(s) in specific?

Carnosyn (Beta Alanine)

Beta Alanine is an amino acid that is already found within our bodies. One of its purposes in regards to our muscles is to bind with another amino acid, called Histidine to form what we call Carnosine. The Carnosine in our muscles works to ward off certain chemical components that lead our muscles to feel faitgue, and fail over time. By increasing muscular Carnosine, we improve endurance, and boost recovery in the muscles. The itchy feeling arises from the beta alanine attaching itself to the nerves cells beneath our skin, which makes them fire at a faster rate.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Niacin, and all other components of the B-Vitamin complex – primarily work to process the food we consume. Their main function relates to the production of energy within our bodies. The tingly feeling involved with Niacin is known as a “flush”. The feeling indicates that the niacin is helping to expand small blood vessels, called capillaries, near the surface of our skin.

Can I avoid this feeling?

Some people can’t stand this itchy feeling and give up entirely. It can be hard to avoid it however because a large majority contain the two culprit ingredients. The best way to start using one of these supplements, is with great care. Start off small, even a half dose, and see how it makes you feel. If you begin to feel more comfortable with it, then you can increase the dose.

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