Prayers For Humanity For All Nations

When God created the world, His main intention was for humankind to live forever in paradise. However, ever since sin entered the earn, men and women, nations and kingdoms have faced challenges some of which they have no control over, other than through the help of God. The prayers for humanity should therefore be for asking God, in His grace and mercy, to help people find solutions to the most difficult questions in life.

In the Bible, God made a promise that He knows the plans He has for humankind. According to prophet Jeremiah, the plan of God is to give individuals plans that cannot harm them but plans to make them prosper. There is no one time in the Bible times when God ever went against His word, He fulfilled His promises and keeps fulfilling them until today but we have to ask Him with the right motives.

The world has countless evil doers who terrorize lives and make innocent souls and minds know no peace. There is a need to ensure mental and habitual transformation. While you cannot do anything big to prevent many killings from happening, a prayer a day can help bring peace and fullness of joy in your surrounding.

So many children out there are suffering on a daily basis; they are sleeping in the cold, they lack family care, they sleep and go hungry all day long and they do not know the meaning of love. It seems they have no future. However, you can pray for a child and because there is power in praying, God will supply their needs according to His riches in glory.

Remember the cases of prisoners, where many live, rot and die in prison without seeing their loved ones live, love and grow. You know some of them are in jail for false accusation and if you have no experience in cell for 24 hours, it is a painful time of life. Ask God to release them and set them free so that they build their lives and reunite with their loved ones at home.

Always remember to pray for the president of every nation. Remember they need a sense of leadership so that they can make informed decision for the country they control. If they make wrong decisions, that means the country and people living in it will suffer the consequences of wrong decisions.

Every person has desires and they always want them fulfilled as soon as possible. At times, you may not have the powers and resources to get things done and even if you do, you may not know how to implement them. Pray to God and He will give you the wisdom, greater then that of Solomon, to find a way out.

In your series of prayers for humanity, always ask God to let His will be done. He always has good will for human beings and as such, He fulfills His words and promises according to His infinite mercies. Always make sure you pray, pray without stopping because prayer is the most powerful tool for survival.

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