Power of Necessary Oils: What it Can Do for Your Back Trouble

It was one warm night of February 2009 when I called my better half and asked her out for a dinner date. It was our 20th wedding anniversary and I wanted to make that special day more memorable. I reserved a special dinner for two on her favorite fine dining bistro. Everything was perfect and working just as I had planned when I all of a sudden felt the throbbing discomfort on my back. I was coping with lower back agony right side for three years but the pain did not stop me. I pick her up from her office and we drove down to the diner.

We were in the middle of our dinner when a shooting pain stabbed my lower back that I almost dropped the fork I'm holding. She held my hand and handed me her present. It had been a bottle of essential oil and she informed me that a specialist told her to let me use that oil to manage the discomfort on my back. I tell you it was actually the best gift ever!

The Power of Essential Oils

One of the most effective fancy oil that helps relaxes your body and mind is lavender. It has a special sort of element that will soothe tired and hurting muscles and joints. Even the hint of this oil can help relax the senses which results to helping lessen the body aches and pains such as your lower back discomfort. Necessities oils are good remedies to diverse body pains as well which makes it far better.

This concentrated oil mixed with a simple sort of massage can help revive and improve the blood flow which results to a more relaxed body. This is what I usually do on a nightly basis. I apply a liberal amount on my back and I massage it carefully on the areas affected. Making this my nightly routine gave me a lot of benefits. The discomfort on my back reduced and the muscles on my lumbar failed to feel stiff any more. Best of all, I ultimately got a good night sleep.

I thanked my spouse for giving me that extremely special and potent wedding anniversary present. With her love and with the power of lavender essential oil, I eventually got to control my lumbar region discomfort after three years of difficult discomforts.

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