Pot Dependence And Why Weed Is Addictive

Weed addiction is a topic amidst a lot of debate. Some consider it a figment of someones imagination while others argue that is a real concern for thousands of people. These are the sort of discussions that lead to people not knowing if it is an addictive drug or not.

In the past I have done a fair bit of research on marijuana and therefore feel in a position now to present the results of that research in this post to give others more knowledge about cannabis and it’s problems. If you want to dive right ahead and get more results of my findings you can find them at weedaddiction.net, but for the time being the content here covers the question of “why is weed addictive?”. I’ll throw a link in later where you can find out the other findings and answers to some other questions you may have.

First off there’s a scientific standpoint.

Starting here is just because it’s the findings from scientific studies on cannabis that are contributing to the confusion. Researching the scientific findings show that they all point to having no addictive chemicals in any strain of marijuana. Yet there still seems to be a weed addiction dilemma for many floating around.

The reason the confusion can crop up is because there’s another standpoint from those in the medical profession. (which I’m not, so don’t take this as medical advice)

This is where things get a bit differentiating with opinions. The debate that springs up here is that weed is addictive.

There is a strong case in point presented here which is why I think there’s a bit of confusion of how it is marijuana is addictive. (or considered to be anyway). It boils down to a the feeling of being psychologically dependent on the drug.

It’s what’s referred to as a psychological addiction to marijuana.

Looking at both points being made, it’s fairly simple to see where the confusion comes into play. Is weed addictive? Is it not? this person say this, yet this person says the opposite. So what’s it to be?

If you turn to the net for any advice on weed addiction there’s a vast amount of information to sift through. So hopefully this can let you see both sides of why weed is addictive or considered to be at least.

With both, I mean the two standpoints coming from scientific studies as well as considering the points those in the medical field put across. The scientific studies do reveal that there are no physically addicting chemicals to be found in any of the strains of marijuana that’s been tested to find out if it can lead to a weed addiction type of thing.

The other is from the psychological perspective.

This is the focal point of weed addiction. It’s the reason that brassy statements are out there. Statements along the lines of “it’s only a persons personality that’s addictive”.

As blunt as it appears to make a statement like that…it is kind of true.

Just like most of us, we have all got bad habits. Habits we would like to break away from. Smoking marijuana can be considered just that. At least in my own humble opinion I regard it as a bad habit and more importantly one which can be broken.

The reason for this line of thinking is simply because a habit is much easier to break than an addiction. So in-line with the psychological side of things, it’s going to be easier for you to stop smoking weed when you don’t think of it as being a weed addiction.

At least this way you can address the psychological dilemma right off the bat, and not think of it as having a weed addiction.

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