Possible Benefits To At-Home Mole Remover Methods

Moles are not specifically unattractive, but some people find them undesirable for this reason and others. Having doctors get rid of them is the obvious method, but some people don’t want to use this method. There are many at-home mole remover options, but they all have their pros and cons.

Moles are natural, benign growths that many people are born with. Some moles develop later in life and they can be triggered by sun exposure. Moles are benign, but it is possible to confuse them with certain types of skin cancer. In order to keep this possibility on top, most doctors recommend you get any moles that change shape, size, or color checked out by a dermatologist.

Some moles are flat, while others are raised. Some stick out completely. The ones that stick out are probably the easiest to remove, because the time-honored tradition of tying dental floss around the blemish and waiting for it to fall off works well on this category. Clean dental floss should always be used and the area should be watched carefully for signs of infection. Minor swelling is apparently normal.

Skin irritants are the other major category of possibilities. The goal of using a skin irritant is to cause a scab to form. When the scab falls off, it takes several layers of skin, hopefully including the mole, with it. This is not a popular method of removal in the medical community, because pricking or cutting the skin to allow the irritant to enter is generally necessary and could lead to infection.

A scar is usually left once the scab falls off in any kind of removal technique. Most methods of removal lead to the possibility of permanent scarring. While some doctors use this as a case against home treatments, medical removal can also leave scars. The important thing is to consider whether you would rather have the moles, or scars in their place, before seeking any kind of treatment.

Many creams that are sold as wart and skin tag removers also have a functionality for removing moles. Some advertise it and others don’t. Usually these products work as they are intended to, but moles may still re-grow. This occurs after medical removal as well, because moles may be embedded farther down into the layers of the skin than is immediately obvious.

Creams are an easy way to find something that works. At-home remedies are famous for being homemade and those for removing moles are no different. Apple cider vinegar and garlic are the favored tools, but pretty much any substance that is a skin irritant has been tried. They typically require breaking the skin over the blemish for any effects to occur.

Because of the requirement to break the skin to allow the irritant to enter, there is always a possibility of contracting an infection. It is extremely important to keep things as clean as possible while working. Items used for the process should be sterilized with alcohol or a flame and the skin should be wiped clean with alcohol. Even after all of this, infection is a risk, so keep a close eye on the area while healing occurs.

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