Positive Thoughts And How To Get Past Negativity

Knowing that worry and fear might be holding you back from living the life of your dreams and stopping that worry or fear are two different things. You might know that you live with a lot of fear or worry but changing your thoughts or your mind can be difficult. The feeling of helplessness or sadness over a particular situation or your life can leave you feeling like things will never change. You want to be happy and optimistic about your future but what can you do? How can you get past these negative thoughts and become happier and more optimistic about your life? How can you end the depressing days and begin to change your life?

Chances are that you are confronted with that fear or worry every morning when you wake up. Once the fog of sleep clears, you come face to face with the things that worry you the most. Maybe you hate your job or your love relationship is in shambles. Perhaps you have a mountain of debt that is causing many other problems in your life. Is this the most productive way to begin your day and tackle these troubling issues in your life?

Do yourself a favor and put those negative thoughts on the back burner. Tell yourself that you’re not going to focus on the negative things in your life in the morning. Give yourself a break and tell yourself that you will think about the problems in your life later. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself some time to wake up. The problems will still be there later on during the day and worrying about a solution isn’t going to help you become motivated first thing in the morning. Tell yourself that you’re not going to even think about the problem until you have had a cup of coffee.

Understanding that you’re thoughts aren’t very positive is also a trick that you can try with yourself. Recognizing this thought pattern can take some of the power out of it and defuse the damage that it can do. Allowing worry and negative thoughts to run rampant is a waste of time and it’s rare that a solution is found when your mind is focused on the problem instead of a solution. After all, it’s often someone emotionally removed from the situation that can see the solution so remove yourself emotionally from the burden of worry. Clear your mind and prepare yourself for finding this solution.

When you feel that you are filled with fear or loathing about your life or your situation, tell that fear that it’s not welcome at the moment. You understand that this is your instincts telling you to either fight or flee from a dangerous situation but you have the matter in hand. Worrying and being fearful can make you freeze like a wild animal caught in the middle of the road not knowing which direction to go to escape that danger. Channel that instinct and allow it to motivate you to do great things. Harness the power of your mind to find that solution as you visualize about your destination, that is, your life once you solve the problem that has you so upset. Dream about what you really want your life to be like and feel all the emotions that go along with being in that place in your life.

Persistence is the key to eliminating negative thoughts and worry from your life. Not allowing negative thoughts to take up too much of your time and energy while focusing on finding a solution is possible and practical. Those negative thoughts very well might come back but if you are ruthless about recognizing them for what they are. Focus on your life without the problem and you will find that you’re happier, healthier and more motivated to change your life.

If you’re not in the habit of doing so, try putting some time aside when you can be alone with your thoughts and dream about what you really want. Look at photos that motivate you and make you happy while giving yourself permission to dream. Visualization is a practice that successful people around the world have spoken of time and time again as something that came before anything great that they ever did. The most successful businessmen in the world thought about their success before they ever did a thing. The tallest skyscraper in the world was a thought in the designers head before the ground was ever broken. What makes you think that your life and your dreams are any different. Think about what you want, get a bearing on the direction that you need to go and give yourself permission to achieve that goal. You deserve to live a happy life and not one filled with fear and debilitating worry.

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