Poor Oral Hygiene – The Effects on Our Teeth

The main purpose of dental hygiene is to prevent build-up of plaque and tooth decay. Due to poor oral hygiene, bacterial plaque is accumulated on our teeth which become the major cause of dental problems.

Most of us have the habit of neglecting our oral hygiene. It is provided that we do brush our teeth each and every morning before going out, but not because of oral hygiene, yet we all do this because it is part of social etiquette and also to make us not seem bad to other people. We often considered that brushing in the morning is sufficient to guarantee us good oral hygiene, but the truth of the matter is that there’s a lot more to dental care than only morning toothbrush.

Why should we keep or maintain a good dental care? First of all, our mouth is located in our face and of course, our face is the very first thing that draws attention from our own self and from all others around us. It has effects on our overall well being.

The problem with these harmful bacteria is that they feast upon the food remains that you fail to clean-up, additionally they tend to consume into the tooth itself. Such bacteria’s also can cause bad breath and halitosis, including the tongue is vulnerable to bacterial infections. Poor oral hygiene may lead to the gathering and accumulation of acid producing bacteria on the surface of the teeth.

Within these situations, losing one or more teeth is the end result of poor oral hygiene. You ought not delay until a tooth is lost, simply then to be aware of the importance of oral hygiene and preventive care. Many health issues of the mouth, including oral thrush, trench mouth, bad breath and the like are believed to be results of poor hygiene. Most of these dental and mouth issues could be definitely avoided simply by keeping great oral hygiene.

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