Plant Protein Sources And Whether They Building Muscle

There’s a lot of debate surrounding plant protein sources and plant protein powder. In most cases plant protein sources aren’t all that well suited for the human body, typically due to the fact that the amino acid profile of most plants is not aptly suited for human muscle tissue. So attempting to grow lean muscle tissue using plant protein is not always possible.

There are a lot of plant protein products out there, but protein is a very broad term. Proteins come from amino acids, and there are more than 20 different amino acids the body uses. The amino acids that build muscle are specific. So just taking a plant protein does not always gain you much in terms of muscle gain. The amino acids found in plants aren’t always able to be used as protein by the body.

What happens for them then? Many plant amino acids are digested by the body and used for energy. When the amino acids are eaten, they’re broken down and turned into fuel. Some plant amino acids are utilized to build muscle proteins and muscle tissue, but many are not.

Not just that, but many plant products that advertise themselves as protein powders, often are full of fiber. Hemp protein powder, as an example, usually contains more than 50% fiber. So paying for a protein powder that is basically fiber may not be the best use of money, especially if it’s also not going to accomplish the job of building muscle.

So before going purchasing a plant protein powder thinking that it will be a good way of growing muscle tissue, make sure you read the label and do a bit of investigating the kind of amino acids that the body relies upon for muscle building. That way, you can make sure that the proteins you are eating are doing what you’re intending them to accomplish.

If you’re looking for a nicely rounded plant protein powder, have a look at this spirulina review for a powder that contains a wide variety of different kinds of amino acids. Another great plant protein source is vitaforce which has nutritional yeast, a complete protein.

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