Pitfalls That Can Ruin Arm Toning

It would seem as though the food industry is working against your flabby arms mission. After all, for them profit comes before consumer health.

You see, a very LARGE portion of what the food industry sells and markets is unacceptably unhealthy for the female body. Combine this with some bad food preparation habits and you have a recipe for arm fat meltdown.

And most women simply do not know how to navigate all the information out there. Unless you have an advanced degree in watch-dog-nutrition, it’s impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Thus, here are 4 big no no’s when losing arm fat:

1. Blackening food. Do not overcook food to the point that it’s blackened. Although this may enhance taste, it increases the risk of colon cancer. Moreover, a lot of blackened foods (barbecuing, frying) are also very high in calories. There are many other ways to flavor your food.

2. Consuming nitrates. Deli cuts are convenient, but they are also deadly. The nitrates found in most deli cuts will also increase colon cancer risk. Besides, there are much better sources of protein like salmon and tofu. So ditch the lunch meat.

3. Overindulging low-cal sweeteners. Study after study are beginning to show that low-cal sweeteners are not healthy. In fact, some of them convert into mutagens. So only consume these in moderation.

4. Drinking most of your water in single sittings. This may quench your thirst temporarily, but it’s not an effective method for optimal hydration. You see, if you drink a lot of water in one sitting your kidneys excrete a large amount of it. Also, you need water in between meals to prevent dehydration.

Losing arm fat can be healthy and fun. Follow my above tips to bring you one step closer to sexy arm success. Ignore the marketing hype and false advertising created by the food industry and stick to the facts. Only then will you get toned arms the right way!

And make sure you take action on this information now, not later. Because later usually never comes!

Author Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and recent arm fat sufferer, instructs on her sleeveless in 7 review of different diets. Unearth how to get sexy arms by exploring her blog with the sleeveless in 7 review of different programs now!

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